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at Axios. Singapore authorities arrested a man on his return to the city-state on Wednesday after he was jailed for spying for China in the United States, saying they would investigate whether he posed a security risk. The Internal Security Department ISD will interview Yeo to establish if he had engaged in activities beauty escort visalia to Singapore's security, it said in a statement.

An Ohio death row inmate who survived an attempt to execute him by lethal injection in died Monday of possible complications of COVID, the state prisons system said. At the time of the procedure, condemned prisoner Romell Broom was only the second inmate nationally to survive an execution after they began in modern times. One death row inmate currently has a positive COVID test, and 55 death row inmates tested positive and then recovered, French said.

Unsurprisingly, you invested in sleeping, cleaning, and organizingOriginally Appeared on Architectural Digest. The Air Force has just ed off on a new flag exercise that brings together large weapons and capabilities under one event. Witnesses saw a man get out of the truck and drift westward in the water, Coast Guard officials said.

Coast Guard rescuers ed with the fire department, emergency medical services and police to search for the driver. MANILA Reuters -The Philippines will ban travellers from 19 countries and territories until mid-January as a measure to keep out a new variant of the coronavirus, its transport ministry said on Tuesday. The regulation will be in effect from midnight of Dec. The Philippines ly imposed and later extended a flight ban from Britain until mid-January as the more contagious variant of the COVID virus was first detected in England.

Non-profit humanitarian agency World Vision United States improperly transacted with the Islamic Relief Agency ISRA in with approval from the Obama administration, sending government funds to an organization that had been sanctioned over its ties to terrorism, according milf personals in winter park co a new report.

However, that ignorance was born from insufficient vetting practices, the report said. The proposed program sought to provide food security, sanitation equipment, and health services to areas hard-hit by conflict in the Blue Nile region of Sudan. The two organizations had also collaborated on several projects in and Grassley and the committee staff's objective for good stewardship.

Louisville police have taken steps that could result in the firing of two officers connected to Breonna Taylor's death — the one who sought the no-knock search warrant that led detectives to her apartment and another found 2 girl escort have opened fire.

Detective Joshua Jaynes received a pretermination letter, media outlets reported Tuesday. It came after a Professional Standards Unit investigation found he had violated department procedures for preparation of a search warrant and truthfulness, his attorney said. Live updates from the White House and beyond. Spahn was grilled during an interview broadcast live on the website of mass-selling Bild newspaper about media reports that Germany had so far only received four million doses of Pfizer Inc's and BioNTech's vaccine compared to five million shots secured by Israel, whose population is one-tenth of Germany's.

Close this content. Read full article. September wheatfield in milf personals,PM. Latest Stories. Remember, Drinking won't fix it. You have all my support. Candy-- just go away. Ride safe fellas. Candy whats in the past can't be replayed. We all much go on with our lives. An thats what our Fred Alvis is doing. I have only met Fred just a few months ago. I respect him as a man an as a Vietnam Brother.

Here we don't try to hurt people. Were family and we care about each other. We well all people to our web site. But, we want them to show respect for everyone here. Don't let some selfish person keep you away. I always look forward to your post. Take Care My th Family. If you don't have guts enough to contact Fred in private, well, don't think that you can use this site 'cause we'll put a stop to it.

If you're not brother, sister or friend London luxury escorts, Fred has been doing a lot of good august launceston escort his stories and putting into words feelings that a lot of us have Please don't ruin this for all of us This kind of stuff makes me want to "run and hide" We all have enough hurt without getting more here Insinuations and half truths are almost impossible to fight Fred Alvis, we've missed you for the past few days Let us know you're OK I think you misunderstand the purpose of this web site.

This website is built on sharing in a positive light, healing, and support for one another. You really don't want to upset anyone here-we're like glue. Bless you and the children. A very good friend of Fred's -Gently Gently USA - Monday, August 30, at MDT We had a motar round land over the hill,by that time,'72 the ROKs had taken over perimeter security, they were on the north side of Lane firing into the hills to the south as the story goes a short round landed near a latrine wounding 3 guys somewhere around the TOC.

No worse than the time a crewchief went down to the flight shack one early evening and got his 60 out and started shooting up towards the barracks!!! Had to keep them all locked up in the conex after that!!!! Those were the days. Got to agree with you! Mortar rounds at Lane? Don't think so. But as far as getting mortar rounds NO WAY This was out in cyber space? F, safety is stressed alot and every now and then someone will post an accident they had, just yesterday I burned my shoulder when some molten aluminum splattered.

Last weeks someone none of us knows posted this: 1 Do not build your own crucible tongs out escorts woking paper mache wrapped in tinfoil! This doesn't work. The paper mache tongs are neither heat-resistant, nor do they possess the structural integrity to safely remove the crucible from the furnace. It doesn't matter if you're wearing hockey gloves wrapped in tinfoil.

This is very wrong for so many reasons. You wouldn't believe how quickly even the damp, mildewed shag carpet in the basement will burn when splattered with molten aluminum After a of replies to the effect of "are you for real" he then posted this: can't stress this enough This product was not deed for that application. Apparently, Bondo is highly toxic - and it tastes awful too.

The taste never goes away completely, even after the Bondo has been removed. Everybody wants to save money whenever they can, but don't do this. Trust me We can't decide if this guy has a sense of humor or in need of serious help. My engine now has plenty of fresh air access. Keeps the home fires burning so to speak. Sue, thanks for your copying suggestion I'll try it out today. Am going to try out Don Miller's site as soon as I close here.

Thanks for listing the address, Gently. A grey sky and a steady drizzle has robbed the day of summer A good day raleigh nc escort service scroll through the archives and bi curious women looking for a girlfriend for "treasures" with my new found copying skills.

Thanks, all. Alex did you get logs fromwould like to see them. Mark any word on the update for the other pictures I send you.

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I'm sure he'll let you use it, he's that kind of guy. New dickson il sex personals and past this Don, again all of your hard work and dedication has helped others. God Bless. And Jim, if we can help any further I am doing a photo presentation of all Kansan's that were killed during the Nam War.

So far I have not been able to locate family members and hoping someone the served with Lee might still have a oklahoma city fuck buddies they would share. Everyone so far anal escort dallas been very generous in supporting this project and as much as I hate to admit it am only about one fourth through the list of casualties.

I am putting 18 escort naperville photo's on a CD in a "power-point" type presentation to be used for Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. Kansas Chapters to use in "awareness" presentations. Thanks guys and hopefully someone from the th will have a photo. Welcome Escorts delaware Bothers Try to organize an event for them, or just take a couple to lunch.

And if at all possible, if it can be done without causing any more pain, get information on the Gold Star Mothers to the mothers of those who have fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan. I have recently met two and have sent them info on the "Mothers" after talking to them about the organization first. They need the support, and word is out about how you Vietnam Veterans are taking the lead in helping our new Veterans, so maybe you can help the "mothers" also.

The rest is bits and pieces. I will try and save then get time off to go to St. Charlie Rains has a pass to request records. That is the only way we can get the good copies. I went by the end on the month. Trying to catch all names. Some of the copies were a black spot or to wear I can't read the names. Others I can barely make out. Fred 71 was one I could only read a few names.

Anne again a dark s for the officers. But, can barely make out Bruno and Bernie's name. As I said was disappointed with job that was paid for. But, without seeing what condition the rosters are in. But, will try to send Mark what I can. But,I will work on a trip with charlie to St. Or if Liz has bussiness trip up that way where I can spend a few days with the Archives. Always A Brother Alex afernwal midsouth.

Kokomo days! I ebony escort new largo the "Master Baster" this week-he's all set to fire up the grill. Who's bringing the sacrificial "Dog? He wrote me that he grinned through the whole thing. I bet he did--the old pot smoking hippie! Ann, "Ben" is my favorite male name! How wonderful that your grandson is a "Ben.

Silly, but fun. Now I have the time do alot for my wife who had done much for me while in the service on her own at times and when I was laid up after my 3 operations escort hartford ct my accident in Take Care and God Bless. I've written it down. My son, Tom, talked me through it one other time with the flight log but I let it slip from my memory.

This time I'll have the cheat sheet!! Now I'll go back through the log and retrieve all those wonderful memorials on the anniversary of Tom's crash and on Memorial Day, etc. I envy your wife! Enjoy the final days of summer, everybody! Life is rough enough so make it as joyous as possible. Take care Brother. Been a busy couple of weeks. Trying to get more finished on the house addition. Then mud and tape and do the floors and trim.

Hopefully will be done in a few months. Sure a lot going on 7 days personals everyone as can be seen in the log. Our prayers are with you all. Retirement is sure nice. No more missing important times. It is such a pleasure taking the little one to kindergarten everyday. What a blessing. Being retired for 14 years now my wife has kept me aware of my duties and responsibilities as a retiree.

I wake up early in the morning and make coffee at 6. By she is getting her feet and back rubbed. At we are enjoying our coffee together and I am getting breakfast ready for our little one. At 7 our little one is up and eating breakfast. Then its time to get ready for school. Big butt escorts silver spring at 8 we depart for school.

I pick her up at Felt a little weird at first but beefy biwn looking for thin playmate assured me all the other retired husbands were doing this too. She Just wanted to make sure I was doing all that I was suppose to. She mistress lydia supremecy this was the latest retiree thing. Was not too sure about that but thought well I will give it a whirl anyway.

Then after picking up the little one from school, we do any homework then it is playtime until we start cooking supper. The little one likes to help stir the good stuff dad is making. After supper we get the dirty dishes put away and then go for a bike ride. Now that she is off training wheels it is an everyday affair. At 7 PM its time for bath and get ready for bed at The wife and I take turns reading stories.

Well got to get. Take care everyone. If you can I'll have the web master put on what is readable from all of them Mark do have Larry and Wink on some oh them along with some of the Pilots. There is alot of you whom attended the reunions and on the contact. I was hoping for more quality for the money that me and Larry Lackey spent. Will salvage what I can. Then try another approach on dates to get better rosters. Nice story I also remember the smells, particularly of the morning air.

I would add the ritualistic taking of the can of Raid to the outhouse for crab lice protection, and popping my morning malaria horse pill! It should appear blue.

¡hola mundo!

it to yourself. I loved all the details about the bif and the mess area, the sights and mature escorts in yakima smells, etc. How do I go about lifting that one piece out of the log so that I can put it with my other memorabilia? I've got Windows Women looking for men belinda city me, somebody!

Jim, I'm glad to hear that you're going to be there for your son. Good choice. Just tell the coach not hottest vegas escorts schedule any surprise scrimmages on the San Antonio dates! Off to take care of my grandson, Ben, for a couple of days.

Take care. The crew on that frist flight thru the pass may also have been different,but I DID indeed fly with Mr. Those two examplified professionalism,friendship,humor at the worst of times as well as the best of times. It has been my seekint honor to have know these two gentlemen,as well to have flown with them. I also owe them a big thank you,for teaching me the ropes and the small things that keeps one alive in conditions such as we all experienced.

Things the army didnt teach us. It has been my honor,to fly with the brave,to soar with the eagles of the th ahc. Damn alarm clock sounds like bells on a fire engine. Way to early to be up, shouldnt have stayed over at Smittys Jim Westwang hootch so late playing spades,smoking bong seeiing bombers and drinking. Gotta quit that and start getting some sleep. Where did that damn hootch maid put seeknig clean nomax,gonna have to say something to her next time I see her.

Walk outside,not caring if the door slams behind me,jeeze,its still almost dark,mist are ,ale at ground level. Feels cool now,but going to be a hot one again. Light up a mandtory smoke before going inside the latrine to take my morning piss. Place stinks worse than usual,I let the smoke drift up to my nose to cover the smell. Open the door,check for spiders,snakes,rats or bugs, dont find any so I take my task in hand,finish the job,and let the door slam behind me.

Someone ,still in bed, yells,"damn your a noisy bastard Alvis",fuck um, I think. Walk over to the mess hall thinking,Damn,I sure would hate to have their job,those guys looking for my first cougar encounter get up at 4 in the morning and work all day. Sure glad I am on a flight crew.

As i walk into the mess hall,I see smitty sitting with a few other chiefs,all grumbling,no doubt, about lazy ass gunners. Damn ,my head hurts. Smitty looks over at me,smiles,makes some noises about how fine the day is. I notice a few pilots at the other end of the mess hall,talking amongst themselves,no doubt about how lazy the gunners are.

Sitting next sweet housewives seeking nsa crestview smitty,he tells me we are going up to an Khe and pleiku today,be sure to have to c rations ,its going to be a long day. Finish my first cuppa joe,noticed the sky has brightened and so has my attitude. Our AC ,shadow alton has already left so we know its time to drift down toward the flight line.

Smity tells me to grab the guns and he will meet new escort mandurah at the ship. I drag my feet alittle,trying to scuff up the "newness"of them,a sure of a fng. Buckleing my guns to their mounts,I try and stay out of the way of shadow and smitty preflighting. Cheaking the ammo cans,I see it rained again women escorts in springfield night,water has collected in the bottom,rust starting to show on the 30 caliber links.

Shit, i think. I change the ammo with smitty giving me one of those looks that says,you should have stored them inside last night, you lazy asshole,fng,and you trying to get us killed looks? Smitty and I help the pilots slide their armmor plating back up into position,it being hard for them to do straped in. We hop in,plug in our coms,and wait while the preflight checklist is completed.

Seeking for lta just a few seconds they had started while me buckled in we hear Shadow say,well. I quickly lean out the door and make sure I havent left the rotor tie down strap on. As the shrill scream of the lycoming l surfers sarnia escort starts to increase,I watch the blades start to turn,slowly,then faster than the eye can follow.

I clear my side of the aircraft,smitty clears his and adds, tail is clear. Mr comes to a hover and we hear over the intercom,"everything is in the green". Shadow backs up,going about 2 mph faster than a hover,talking to lane tower,getting instructions for taxi and take off. I noticed the sun was just comming into view,another beautiful vietnam sunrise. Shadow responds to lanes final words,which are always Looking playtimw aircraft twin branch wv milf personals lane tower advised us of,we report them to the pilots as we spot them.

Aircraft at 2 o clock sir. Thanks to Smittys advice,I had mounted a c ration can on the infeed side of my 60,I watched the ammo belt slap around in the mph breeze. The can kept the ammo feeding just right so it wouldnt get hung up,when,not if, we needed it. Flying ,at first in a northly direction to get around where the mountians ended at Lane,we reached altitude,then turned west,inland toward An Khe.

Looking at flooded rice paddys,it seemed the ground was a green blanket with shadows from clouds,dancing and seekingg us acroos sdeking landscape. Smitty tells me to watch out for fast movers,as we are getting near Phu cat air force base. Phatom Jets are so fast,they will be on you in seconds and near misses are just playtike bad because the turbulance seekinng them can upset the ship. About here, is where the rice fields drop off and barren country starts. One can tell it used to be fine fertile plains, but being to far from Quin Hon,the people had left,perhaps for safety,perhaps a better life,perhaps they were dead.

The mountians on Jims side of the aircraft south follow us our entire trip. Rugged and uninviting,looking full of bad guys,beatiful,none the less. Sceret little valleys asking my Georgia forest raised self to explore leading off into dark valleys,all covered in jungle,shadows,hidden places. It was rare indeed when a single ship would venture into the mountians backing lane going all the way to An Khe.

Passing by Phu cat,almost all civilization ended,except for a few small villages next to the playtimd ba river. The closer we got to An khe pass,the more barren things got,looking very much like a no-mans escort girls in kent. The mountians that covered lz english and bong song,traveled granny models meeting up with the mountians that covered lane,forming,the An khe pass,which in turn,was the gateway to the vietnam highlands.

The An khe pass has been a scene of seekinf and ambushes,since the japs were in vietnam in the mid 40s. Just at the base of the pass, in the mid 60s the 1st cav used to have a staging area for c. They also got the shit shot out of them. Anyway,as the mountians started to close in on us, Smitty clicked on his mic and told me" over there is happy valley,thats one place you playtme want to go into. We always lose ships in there,a few months ago a crew member took a 51 cal thru the wrist,then the chest,kia instantly".

They pilots were discussing the weather conditions. It also seems that the weather can change almost instantly,trapping an aircraft above,below or in the pass. As we approched the interance, I noticed hw 19 start to twist and turn. I watched the road as we entered the pass. Making u turns,with steep dropoffs on the side,it wound up the pass. I was amazed at what i saw. Aircraft bodies,littered the pass,fixed wing and helicopters. On the top of the towering peaks,to the south side, the koreans had a fire base.

The left side north towered above us as medford bay maine escorts no fire bases there. We exited the jewark way to towering elephant grass plains,as entirely different look to the country. This was late in In feb newarrk 72, tet hit vietnam with a bang. The north vietnamese army held the north side of the pass,while the korean side held on by the skin of their teeth.

The pass 3 closed to convoys which never was that safe for them anyway and air traffic passed thru there,many times ,under the gun. For all intents and purposes, the nva held the pass. The Korean firebase needed supplies badly,and replacements for their many wounded and dead. South heart nd housewives personals th ahc was ased this task.

The firsbase was under constant seige,the th,their only hope for the week of this battle. It took people with brass balls the size of texas to fly into that place,ready made ambushes waiting on helicopter crews. Any vc ot nva that shot down a chopper recieved an instant field promotion. They did NOT take chopper crew prisoners ,as a rule, they shot them on sight.

The entire north face of the pass,those parts below AND above,were infested with nva. My hat is off to any and all helicopter crews that flew anywhere near that death trap. For those that flew into it,your courage is the stuff legends are made of. I salute you. Fred A One day I just sat down and thats is what came out of me After basic Larry tryed to get into the Motor Pool. He was a great Mech, and grew up with it ,like me, all our life.

Dad taught us everything he knew but Larry had a better nack for it. I'm sure that if he would of came home he would be running this place now. Youve heard about being born with a silver spoon in your mouth, I tell people we had a silver wrench! Larry didnt get into the Motor Pool escorts college surprizes me because he was a good mechanic.

So he wrote a letter home telling mum that he did not make the MOPO and was issued an M16 because they told him he would need it where he was going. Then Larry resites Psalms 91,V Praise be to God. That is a good feeling to see that, but sure fills ones mind with the basic fatherly instinct to worry. Hey thats what us fathers are for I guess he was some sort of an instructor or something I never saw him or his wife after Friday night.

Maybe he will see these post and respond. Hey George!!!! Rick England, How are things going out there for you? Smitty, Good to see you.

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You TCB out there, we know you'll always be back here sonner or later. By the way Smitty, You havnt heard from Gary Carlson have you? Maunie il milf personals care brothers and sisters Seems I have more time here at work to talk with you all. Actually, people ask me what I do for my Dad now, and I say, "Nothing".

I do do stuff, just at my own pace and time. God Bless her I have been doin some traveling. My Son decided to play football so need to be there for his games, i wish he had more experience but will gain some soon. Hope he is able to work through all this. Read it and sat back,thinking. Thanks Mark,job well done.

Selections #31 by city news publishing - issuu

Sex personals in richmond, va area step daughter,will turn 20 years old in about 10 days or so. Susan,her "Mum" and I went and bought her a red,jap,used,buzz bomb car. For some reason, the kids love those,I guess like we liked the v. The milestone is that Tiff and I went down to the branch. She is now independent thank god. As we can all remember when each of us recieved our first ,I patted her on the back,watched her drive off on her own,then smoked about 10 cartons of cigerattes in as many minutes awaiting her return.

I calmed down,doing some garden work,but listening ,waiting for a phone call,saying there had been a terrible accident,of some sort or another. Being a parent is hell, give me vietnam any day.

Oneida community

They have to for every single person,so, maybe your mentioned. We were wondering what happened to them also His mother is the crafter of those hats. Hope to get to talk to Gently in Kokomo this year about other stuff we discussed at Indy Speaking of Indy. Does anyone recall talking to George Scott there? Him and his wife were there Friday, and nesark suppose to looking for pussykisser at the diner dance Saterday?

He did post in here proir to the Indy gig. Mark USA - Tuesday, August 24, at MDT Flight, If there is anyone out there that remembers me hurting my back and going to "sick bay" where they gave me some pain killers and 3 days of bed rest, please respond to my e-mail addy with a letter to that affect. We were building the L-shaped revetments on the flight line using PSP. While assisting the crane with a lopsided hoist by holding up one street prostitution in halesowen of the longest PSP while they raised into place, the piece slipped and brought me down to my knees and additionally wrenching my back.

Of course the info is "not in my personal medical records". The VA keep asking for "new evidence" I have medical records from my job dating within a year of my ETSbut, the say those are nurses records and not a Doctors. I had surgery in ? I even have a letter home to my Parents explaining platime them what had happened and the envelope with the date Oh well! I can't remember much of those days now, but, for a while I thought I was sitting on the left side of a Huey.

Mark, any word on our new th hats yet?? Jim Smittyseekinb ok pal? Been kinda quiet in here. I could see the beach and hear the tops of the trees hitting the skids. Words the Larry would be telling me Gotta make a parts run to Ft. Be back later The next story I write,is for you. It will take a few days for the "mist' to clear a bit as I try to remember. It will hull ts escort about my first flight thru the Tayyor escort khe fuck buddies foligno. Perhaps it knew that I really didn't have the words to fully express my feelings after reading your last looking for a frienship and possibly more. I still don't.

But, thank you for sharing this memory of playyime flight experience from Nam. I felt so much closer to Tom's experience than I have ever felt. It was remarkably vivid. I hope it is part of a chapter in a book you are writing that I would very much like to read. Keep at it, Alvis. You have a gift. As I had never been up that way,I managed to stay awake back in the gunners well.

We passed L. English,with its bare red,naked, mountians to personality dating west thank you agent orange. I was amazed with that much destruction of jungle habitat. In a tropical country of vast jungles and a million different shades of green,there stood an empty desolate, red dirt mountian with no living thing on it.

No greens, no animals,no birds,no people,nothing. It playtme like a mountian on the moon. From a sea of green,this ugly scar thrust up, proclaming americas might. On we flew toward Bong Son,site of many an ambush and many a hard fought battle. Charlie Victor was in charge of most of the rural parts in this ao. We landed at a few fire bases around there. The place was wonderful to look at. Salt flats were harvested by hand, big 'salt " paddies were to be seen instead of rice paddies.

I escort hartford ct amazed ,again, at the industriousness of the vietnease peoples, the hard,hand work it took to do this. On we flew,toward the beach,to return home,to Lane. We flew over the beach,softly lapping waves,following the beach south.

As usual,no human presence was to be seen,as many cilivans took cover at the sound of our blades. Pilots being pilots and crews being crews,and young men being young men in the face of daily danger. Gabby was our pilot. We flew with our "feet wet". Flying toward trees and pulling up at the last second,left twigs trapped in the step plates of the skids. Topping one line of trees that ran to the beaches edge,we were presented with a site that awed me.

Llaytime candle holders,brass pots of all discriptions,lay scattered about the beach. There must amle been hundreds. I mlae talk Gabby into landing to pick a few up. They gabby and the peter gold coast prostitute. To this day, I wonder if they were correct and the source,the story,behind all that beautifuly crafted brass laying abandoned on the beach,miles away from any human habation.

Were here for you. Glenn hope you had a good lancaster female escort with Rogers family. Can't wait for a copy of the DVD. Hope they have good pictures to download.

Crazy foster kitten enjoys playtime with dalmatian friend

I had a few of Steele and 1st SGT. Hatfield in town at Tuy Hoa. Don't know what happened to them. Should find this escorts mb on the Personnel Rosters for the years I have a guy doing the research and copying of the material. He was going to give a seekung later this week.

The people at the St. Louis records don't do projects this large and time consumming. They referred me to this gentleman whom researchs the arhives for people at a cost. So hopefully we can have the playtimr th roster on the web before long. Working with Charlie Rains. Running social and tracking down more of are Brothers. Got my fingers crossed that everything falls into place.

Seekinh Care To All!!! Gleen, Thats great news about meeting Roger's family, and good to hear from you.

Don M You and Donna are in Dee and I's prayers. Hey Lenny "Fire" Great to hear from you. Want to write to you later. God Bless all I hope her health returns quickly and stays that way.

Nothing can bring us guys to our knees faster than a sick sixer. Prayer said. Is that film on cd or video cassette? Donna is back in the hospital again. I can't keep track any more. I don't know, you really have a gift for it. I want to thank all of you for your help and advice it has helped me a great deal both factual and mentally. Now Moses lake lorain escorts have to wait and see what happens wheels of goverment turn slow.

And I have contacted my congressman and even ed the president Pulling out all I can. You all take care and and be good to yourselves. Too busy to mention in malf N. Thank the Lord cage personals guys in FL. No coincidence the name of the strm was "charley". I'm kinda riding my own storm out here. Trust in God,lean not on your own understanding. Just dropped my oldest son Lenny off Newark.

I don't understand the "swiftboat"flap. George Marshall,let me know how you made out. Matt c. Liz has been doing the communications. Go back to the Doctors in aberdeen united kingdom nightlife prostitution few weeks. Have made some progress with my foot. But, still alot of work getting it back to almost normal.

Want to thank everyone for their support for Joan. Didn't realize that when I saw Bob at the reunion, he would be going to the Fiddler's Green in such a short time. I ndwark a guy working on getting personnel roster for It will be a weeks before I find newzrk if he can do the job. Ray good hearing from you today. The Wall!!! Glad you went Mark!!

You leave a part of yourself every time you go. I will never forget my first time at the wall.

Been there 3 times. Doesn't get any easier. But, glad you made the trip. I will always remember Coldwater. It meant alot to me being there with rest of the th family. Well wanted to make Kokomo but,not to be this year. Just take alot of pictures.

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Take Care my th family!! It's bittersweet, of course, but we'll be there for each other. A toast to Sisterhood! The th Sisterhood! Was told that I would have a hard time approaching it. I kept on recalling what one had told me, take your time approaching it. It's gonna be tough. Upon seeing it from a distance, no tears yet it was the opposite for me. I could not get near it fast enough.

As it grew larger then life in my eyes, and my heart, I knew that I had finally made it. Lines of the crew of the "". Other vistors passing in front of me on the "WALK". I thought to myself,shoot it was'nt all that bad to come to the "WALL". Could not turn my back on Larry. Finaly being able to make an about face, I felt myself slowly feeling the "WALL" grow smaller behind me.

I turn to look once more and found myself running back to 18W. Wanting with all my heart to run my fist through the "WALL" make a gapeing hole, grab Larry and bring him home with me God bless you my brothers and sisters. What you did for me, and what you mona bell escort for me, I wear as my armor I've already circled my calendar.

I've been there before awesome but don't remember a meeting place. I'm hoping to meet Sue and Gently finally! Dennis, Good to hear from you. Glad you are OK The house is ok but where I live is in the middle of the Haines City Power grid which is still being rebuilt. Also having a Motorhome is not much help when the generator is down. What a great place for anyone who can come to meet.

The Highground is a special place with supportive folks running it. I don't think I could handle the one in Washington D. One father had his two children with him Or must we begin young to prevent unnecessary war I certainly can't answer that. I just know it was very quiet there tonight, as if there were no words to be said. I ,personally, believe its called the moving wall,not because it moves from town to town, but how one cant helped to be moved by the wall itself.

The first time i went northvale nj housewives personals the wall, nottingham real guy looking for a woman was dark. I decended down the walk,passing all the names. The names,the dead, got higher. When I reached the apex,the "v",I looked to the left side and found the names of my friends.

I raised my beer,tosted them,took a drink,then poored alittle into the grass. I was alone and no one saw me wipe my eyes. I have returned a few times to that wall. Big tit buffalo babes no longer care if anyone sees me wipe my eyes. I smile as I look thru the mist of times,I see them young and so full of life. Others are looking thru their mist,those long ago times. They wipe thier eyes too.

We are bound together in death,we celebrate them in life. The wall has such a profound effect on me. My throat constricts,I grow quiet,I remember. Paul so we went to The Moving Wall this afternoon. It was a sunny afternoon and the grounds where The Wall is set up are so pretty, grassy and well kept. It was a peaceful setting with flags flying above us. I wasn't sure what to expect I'm so proud of Jim and all of you for being over there So anyway, we walked up to the wall and immediately got lost in the thousands of names listed there.

Fortunately, inside a tent nearby is someone on a computer Jim found a couple different guys he knew. As he was looking around, I noticed a notebook laying on one of the tables. It was an alpha listing of all the names on the wall I had to hillsboro escort 69 looking.

I couldn't take it. All those names Thankfully Jim and you guys made it back. I'm not aware of anyone personally listed there Jim wore his th endicott ny milf personals and cap Thank you guys for fighting for me. Welcome home! Such a picture in our minds!

Amen to that! The pilot called lane tower with short final,the day was just about over. Flying around in the traffic pattern, we made a south east approch to the runway. I could see that a few ships had just arrived also as their rotors were just winding down and crewmen were unclasping their 60s ,others starting postflights. We hovered into our reventment and sat down after a clear right and a clear left from the gunner and chief,with a gentle rock off the back of the skids.

It had been a long boring day, runing ass and trash missions, going no where new. The c. The peter P. The pilot and peter P. The chief and I hurried to finish as pinehurst escort mess hall was closing soon. The guys in back hollered. The chief and I hauled ass car call escorts jumped in back,glad to have a ride and to see our buddies.

The chief took the last seat against the cab,and I leaned against the tailgate where there was room for my two machine guns. The truck took off in a cloud of smoke and dust,bumping along the ruts up the hill.