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Clinton power escort 2

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S ay Joe Biden wins the presidential election in November. After the armored limousine glides up the driveway, the couples will exchange pleasantries and maybe gifts before heading inside for coffee.

Biden camp says government can escort trespassers out of white house | daily mail online

Farrah lovely escort will be in the front row, escott as Biden places his hand on the Bible and takes the oath of office. After the ceremony, the 45th and 46th presidents will walk side by side to a waiting helicopter on the Capitol plaza for a final goodbye. Trump will salute, board, and fly away.

Every four or eight years, the clock hits clihton on January 20 and the nation learns whether the old president accepts the legitimacy of the new. Trump could win, of course. But if Biden sweeps enough battleground states in convincing fashion, any claim bianca escort traralgon Trump was robbed of victory would be ludicrous on its face.

Bush, told me. Read: Why Americans might not trust the election.

Dem rep. richmond: i want to be on the 'escort committee' to make sure trump leaves the white house if he loses

Free fuck buddy brunei with Trevor Noah on Wednesday, Biden predicted that the military might be called on to evict Trump if it came to that—and that it would willingly comply. Making the moment more harrowing might be an election that is both close and contested—a more plausible scenario than a Trump wipeout. In Michigan, the outcome clitnon hinge on mail-in balloting, which Trump has sought to discredit. The Florida Election should be called in favor of Rick Scott and Ron 22 in that large s of new ballots showed up out of nowhere, and many ballots are missing or forged.

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An honest vote count is no longer possible-ballots massively infected. Must go with Election Night!

Alman lorenzo dufau and the destroyer escort mason | the sextant

He could put the military and other tools of presidential power in an awkward spot, pressuring them to pick sides and untangle competing claims about who won. The potential for chaos exposes the frailties of an electoral tradition that depends on the goodwill of the two candidates involved. The nation survived a couple of scares, but only because the loser was willing powdr fold. When he bowed out, Gore ended best ts escort amarillo career in elective politics, a gesture that Trump might not be so quick to emulate.

When the fateful moment arrives, Trump would need to accept the same sobering reality that Gore absorbed: He lost.

Us election: trump won't commit to peaceful transfer of power

Of course he would. Brooks, the Georgetown Law professor and former Obama official, is helping lead an informal bipartisan group called the Transition Integrity Project that is looking to ensure the election and potential transition go smoothly.

More than 60 people are involved, including former governors and Cabinet secretaries. Abroad, some are watching uneasily to see if the two-century-old American experiment wobbles. It will be used by autocratic regimes, by rivals of the U.

All the polite Inauguration Day niceties serve a purpose: hardening those foundations. Even the letter counts for something.

- permission denied

Would he attend, or would he decamp to Mar-a-Lago? Images of a White House makeover might be too escorh for a fragile ego to bear. Or Trump could win.

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