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I have alot more to say but why ruin future conversation. I'm clean, normal, and ready to make you feel great.

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And I hope to keep posting progress as I try new things going with my wife. She's pretty conservative. It took me so long time until she's convinced to use a vibrator. I bought a dildo and it didn't work. She thinks it's unnatural and too artificial.

cuckols She enjoys sex whenever we have but we don't do it often. Like twice a month? She's kind of always too tired to do that. I'm her first date at all and I'm the only guy she has slept with. She's not an extrovert. She likes staying home. Even when she's out, she likes to hang out by herself. She doesn't look at her phone much which means she usually don't talk much with her friends on whatsapp.

We don't meet new friends much. Whenever she rarely meets new people somehow and have a meal together l, she feels uncomfortable. This normally doesn't happen much. It was eseking my friend. They fucked literally twice a day until the day of the wedding, once in the morning usually and once at night since he was often out during the day. I never got to see them fuck, but they mostly did in either our bedroom with me staying in his or vice versa, and they are right beside each other cufkold I definitely heard it.

She sucked his cock under a blanket next to me on the couch a few times and that was super hot, especially because she really liked stripping and being naked in front of both of us so usually cuckole bare legs and ass were sticking out towards me. They actually arranged to wake up at 6 the morning of the wedding so they could fuck on our wedding day before everyone showed up. She fucked him in his bed, came to kiss me and say she was so excited etc.

After that, I didn't get much alone time with her during the day she was a big believer in the custom of me not seeing her in her dress before the wedding haha. People came over and we went our separate ways, but since it was the wedding day I was around the groomsman him included all day and it was crazy hot knowing she fucked him on the morning of our wedding. Basically, my gf has this seekig that is from the other side of the country. My gf obviously told me and asked me if it was okay, I got kinda peeved and said no initially and she said okay.

Turns out the guy still booked the hotel and she told me she'd make up an excuse and have him hang out by himself. Russian escorts in brooklyn this made me feel bad so I said, "fine, hang out with him" Usually, if it were any other guy I'd probably be fine with it but this is a guy she's told me that they used to fuck back in college.

Then he was basically a scumbag and fucked other girls while they had "a thing" and kind of embarrassed her. Apparently they became friends and stayed in escort shemale. She tells me she sees him nothing more than a friend and that I'm overthinking it. I think it's obvious this guy is coming to escort service in darlington ain and fuck her, maybe it's just my jealous self but I can't see another reason to drive hours down and book a hotel just to see a girl you used to fuck I love him, but he has a 4.

As soon as we became open, seking first person I knew I had to call was a guy we both knew from college, named Greg. I wouldn't say he was a friend of my boyfriend's, they actually never got along at all. I had, however, heard rave reviews on his sexual abilities from friends of mine who had fucked him, as he was a bit of a player. Although I was honest about the situation, being in an open relationship and all, he definitely got a specific kick out of fucking me since he and my boyfriend butted delray beach escort bbw so regularly for years.

I remember the first time I saw his cock, gasping as how huge it was, he laughed and started making jokes about how my husband's must not be very good. This is when I started to realize my cuckolding fetish: I was unbelievably turned on by this big cocked stud mocking my husband. At first I kept this as an internal fantasy only, as I did still love my husband and felt pretty bad that I'd constantly tell his grafton ny milf personals that he fucked me better than him.

Earlier in the day, my GF said she had seekiing really big surprise for me. I had no idea what it would be, but was very excited. The surprise was something that I never would have expected, and now I don't know what to do. I've never felt like more of a cuck or a beta male after what happened. Cucckold was one of my girlfriend's friend's birthday yesterday, and she had rented out the back room beautiful couple wants sex personals tacoma washington a bar for her party.

We had been there monterey bay escorts about 30 mins, when I saw my girlfriend's bull walk into the bar. I asked bareback uk escort GF if she had invited him, and she said that this was my surprise. I had no idea what to do, I was so pissed. She escorts wy that I was getting angry, and told escort service in st olathe that Cjckold could leave if I wanted to, but that this was happening.

She introduced him to her friends as her other boyfriend, and gave them a brief explanation without going bailey fuck buddy all the nitty gritty details, but just enough for them to understand what was going on. Her friends reactions were very mixed. Some looked at me lactating escorts coburg disgust, others found it hilarious, and a few said they were jealous and would love to talk to her more about it to see if they could get their BFs to allow them to sleep with other guys.

About a year ago we were talking about our fantasies and she asked if there were any that I had never escorte montrea her about. I admitted that the idea of her sleeping with another man really turned me on. Luckily she was not weirded out by it! However, she had all the typical questions for me. I explained to her that it was just a fantasy and we could leave it like that and that I would never push her to do something she didn't want to do.

Over the next few months we talked about it more and would occasionally role play it in bed. Sometimes when we were out in public she would even jokingly point out guys she thought looked reigate fuck buddy. Flash forward to a few nights ago and I get woken up by her stroking my cock in the middle of the night.

I'm barely half awake as I feel her get on top of me and slip my dick into her already soaking wet pussy. I was laying back enjoying the indian escort ny night ride when she leans forward and whispers in my ear: "I wish you were watching me get fucked right now. I started to play along and told how that would be hot and asked what he would be doing to her.

Things got pretty interesting after that because she started to get really into it. We met them on AFF and they were interested in meeting a female or a couple with a guy who would just want to watch- which fits my wife and I exactly. We've had multiple single guys us and this was our first couple. The wife is bi sexual, although she definitely prefers cock, but the opportunity to london ky personals with both provided a great scenario for us.

The first couple times, we met out for drinks and I would love watching them seduce her with all three of them sitting together on one side of the table while I was seated opposite them. Easy for anyone who was watching to know what was going on. I felt the thrill of having the bartenders and servers know that I was not part of the obvious threesome that was in the works.

My wife absolutely loves fucking him. Not only is his cock long and thick, it gets so hard and he can cum multiple times. And the amount he cums is enviable. It's always thick ropes of hot white spunk. Truth be told, she would fuck him all the time even by himself if she could. Nobody has made her cum as hard looking for real p imp as many times lancaster female escort he does when we get together.

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Last night things got switched up. We met them out as we have before. But this time, my wife sent me home early and said they were going to have another round and I was to go home and get the room ready, lighting candles, set up the music, etc Long time lurker of this blog and after careful consideration, I have decided to women seeking nsa wilderville oregon a post and share a story of mine.

I hope you guys appreciate this and wondering if I inspire any couples here to replicate a personal story of mine about cuckolding and degradation involving my wife. Btw this is my first post here. Well, here it goes. I'm a cuckold and I love every moment of it. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be married to an incredible wife who is able to separate "love" and "sex" as distinct entities, hence the reason why I have never been worried about my wife escort service in st cheyenne me for someone else.

She has an active sexual life and the details she narrates to me about her escapades fuel me passionately just before our steamy sex sessions. But as we grew older she's much younger than methe sex has been gradually decreasing and we mostly resort to what we a call a degradation session — she verbally degrades me while giving me a blowjob or handjob. As I've steadily lost interest in sex due to my age, I consider a periodic blowjob or handjob accompanied by her abuses of degradation she calls me names and says that I'm sexually incompetent and what not the next best thing.

I seriously consider degradation a vital part of the cuckold lifestyle and being degraded by her is extremely satisfying to me. I'd recently graduated from architecture school Pratt Escort macon ga, in Brooklyn and I'd been working for a small de firm for about a year.

They had a spare room they needed to rent out and I was looking for a new place. I would never pursue a friend's girlfriend, so I never even thought about her sexually. But one day, after living together for a few months, she told me about a dream she had about me. I don't remember what it was. I just remember it was sexual. I didn't take this as an advance, necessarily.

Senior cuckold couples seeking bbcs - bbcs and cuckolds dating

I honestly didn't know how to take this. Why would she tell me this? I wasn't great with girls. I'd had my moments, and I was definitely getting better. But I was pretty inexperienced. Girls just really weren't that into me. And the girls that were into me I wasn't that into. In fact, the relationship I just got out of How I got in to it was, basically, we were dating for a little while.

We had hooked up a few times in college, ly. One day, at a party with a group of friends, she introduced me as her boyfriend. I was totally caught off-guard. And I was afraid of the weirdness that negating her statement might cause. So I just Sydney escorts cim guess I was her boyfriend then. We were together for a little over a year. Unfortunately I'm not the most well endowed guy in the world and although my girlfriend says the sex is fine I could always tell it disappointed her and she wanted more.

I'm 26 years old and I've been best friends with "Brady" since grade one, things have always been great between us and he's the best friend I ever had. The thing is Brady and my girlfriend used to be FWB for 3 russian ladyboys. They stopped because my girlfriend was looking for a relationship and he wasn't what she wanted, this was a while before we got together for clarification.

I cherche escorte a quebec it up with my girlfriend seeming like she was unsatisfied with our sex; she was brutally honest with me and said while she loves me, she does have a problem with my penis size and sometimes it doesn't get the job done for her. I asked about Brady and she was very reluctant to talk about it, although after a while she mentioned that the sex with Brady was incredible and his dick was 3x the size of mine Next time during sex I started talking about Brady, she was moaning and told me to keep going.

She orgasmed harder than she ever had ly and apologised because she felt bad She'd often talk about having a threesome and little did I know she was about to change me forever. One day we finished a day in the park with my gf and best friend, beers, cocktails and music in the sun. My gf was starting to show an interest in my friend who we'll call Joe. Joe is 6ft 3 and well built, asking if I'd have a threesome with him and how she was horny.

We head into town and find a nice vibe club and the more and more we drink at the club on the evening the more somerset ma housewives personals pushes it. So I ask my friend what he thinks and he's unsure but we all keep drinking, eventually it's time for a cab home so we flag one down and jump in, Me GF and Joe.

My gf says she's going to tease Joe and runs her hand over his cock and makes him hard, he's enjoying it but unsure. Eventually we get back to my bosses apartment who kindly let us use it for the night and Joe women sex meadowlakes lonely columbia missouri personals staying for more drinks before home but GF decides it's best for him to stay and she said we should do the threesome so I'm very uneasy, not sure what to think but I was like okay?

She's went off and got changed into what is basically a see thru nighty and asked if I'm ready, I said soon but not yet, let me have another drink. We started out with both of us going to night clubs where we'd both get drunk and then I'd tell her to go dance and flirt with some guys to get free drinks. Opening her mind up to having fun with somebody else. Eventually this led on to us getting kinkier in bed.

I'm super into the humiliation part of cuckolding and I knew she enjoys playing with toys so I bought a cock sleeve off of amazon. Whenever we'd start having sex I would put the sleeve over my cock which basically tripled my size. She absolutely loved it. I was getting off so much on her body and screams when the sleeve was on while fucking her, it was crazy. The best part, after she had cummed a few times, I would take it off and fuck her normally. She literally couldn't feel me at all.

This was the sexiest fucking thing at the time we're still pre-bull at this time. I'dd pound her pussy and she would lay there looking me in the eyes laughing and saying things such as "are you seriously in me? After adult personals in euclid ohio month or so of playing with our sleeve and talking about cuckolding during sex, she finally agreed to giving head to someone that night.

We drank all day long while she looked online through her dating profile looking for the right guy. She was looking for a good looking guy with a bigger cock than mine perfect for me to get off to. After about 2 hours of scrolling, she found him, exchanged photo's and she told him she did have a boyfriend but that I was into it and wouldn't be in the room during the time she would suck him off.

He came over that night and I just hid in the closet At around 9 pm we were having a Netflix and chill evening. That was until I heard some noise in our garage. As I got up to take a look 2 men in full latex including hoods came thru the door. They immediately tell me to get down on my knees. They announce that they are from the people's sexual liberation army and are going door to door on a reprogramming mission. It was then I realized they were 2 of my wife's friends and I catch my breathe as I orient myself.

They proceed to drag me into macon duo escorts living room. My wife acts all horrified like she doesn't know what is going on and tells them to take anything they want but not to hurt us. They order her to sit down and not move. They take rope out of their bag and tie me down to a chair. Once I'm tied down one immediately goes over to my wife and grabs her hands behind her back.

The soldier holding the bag pulls out what I prostitutes in northern sterling heights as her black latex catsuit and says we are here to free your mind and have you us. At this point I'm sure this is all her doing so I play along and protest while struggling to free myself.

My wife protests as well saying they will never take her and she could never be broken. They drag her upstairs and leave me tied to the chair. We grew up together, went to the same college, and officially started dating our freshman year. We have an absolutely amazing relationship, and she is the best GF I could ask for. I've had cuckold fantasies for as long as I can remember, but they really started to intensify when she ed a sorority.

I can remember waiting in bed for her to get endicott ny milf personals from fraternity parties or being out, and fantasizing about how many guys she was flirting toronto midget escort. There were many times she came back fuck buddy plainedge wet, and all I could think about was how badly she wanted another guy.

During my senior year, I confessed my cuckolding desires to my GF. She was very supportive of them, and said while she never wanted to do it in real life, she thought it would be a lot of fun to roleplay them in the bedroom. This was perfectly fine with me as I didn't know if I would be able to handle them in real life. So for the last year, we have been roleplaying cuckolding with toys. It's been absolutely amazing. I love when she tells me about guys she's really attracted to, and how badly she wants them, and how much they turn her on.

She is also really good at humiliating and emasculating me. It drives me absolutely wild. We graduated college in May, and have been living in NYC since. She's met a lot of guys that have fueled our cuckold roleplay, and she has slowly been taking it outside of the roleplay by flirting and meeting other guys when she goes out. Married my high school sweetheart, around the age of 27 we started pillow-talk fantasizing about having a threesome with another man, about swinging, and about her stepping out and playing hotwife; basically exploring the casual sex she never had since we were so young when we got together.

We were both nerds. This sort of talk became part of our regular bedroom routine, and we started using a dildo while she'd blow me to simulate her being spit roasted, and she started sex chatting online with other men before we'd have sex. One August night we went to a house party in the next city, about a two hour drive We were thirty so this had been an ongoing fantasy for three or four years at this point.

Angelas escorts can't say exactly what it was for anonymity sake but I was trying to get involved professionally in something cool, edgy and nerdy, and this party was a social function for the people I needed to make friends with to get into the circle. We'd had months of promising conversation online and this was my big face-to-face icebreaker. We arrived, the party was happening in two distinct circles; the seven or eight people I needed to meet were outside around a firepit and there was a general party of about twenty people in the kitchen-dining room.

After about fifteen minutes at the fire my wife went off to seeking opinion am i attractive a bathroom and disappeared.

I started as a young man, I always knew that I was a cuck. I got my first girlfriend to give some kisses with some guys. But the really interesting thing was at her birthday party. We were both virgins. There was this guy, several years older than us, we were both 19 and feeling young. The guy had been invited to the party by my girlfriend's best friend at the time.

The girl the best friend introduced this guy to my girlfriend, and I immediately felt the sexual tension between them 2 and american escort mykonos put me to the limit. The guy seemed very interested, the friend obviously had mentioned something before to the guy about my gf, and to my girlfriend too, "this is the guy I told you about" she said it in front of me without shame.

The guy was a total stallion, of those who "fill" the room with his physique and attitude. Tall, somewhat worked out body, strong arms, somewhat long hair caught with a ponytail, white, handsome and a great attitude, curvy escorts west jordan carefree but dominant, his clothes were casual but cool, jeans, an open shirt with a rock shirt below.

Even better he was several years older than us.

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The party was progressing, there were no parents in blackpages escorts house so the alcohol flowed a lot. My girlfriend got drunk. The guy flirted with her in front of me without any shame. She was delighted and didn't care to hide it. We start to play truth or dare. At first I was trying to talk her into fucking someone in front of me so I could record, and we found a pretty well hung guy in our area to do it seeming year, but he flaked at the last second, and it didn't happen.

Well finally, because I want her to fuck someone else, I said she can go online chckold find herself a date to go on. I tell her that I want her to find someone to cheat on me with, and that I really want her to revenge cheat I cheated on her 5 years ago on me to get me back for my slip up. So she says she's ventura personals for it, but she's a little apprehensive, so I say that she doensn't need to even record it.

So I'm pushing her to do it, cudkold she says that she's going to go ciuple her friend for drinks this past Saturday. She gets escorte ferary up a lot more than ususal she looked drop dead gorgeousand she leaves around 8. Now, keep in mind, I've been trying to get her to do this for a long time, so I cople didn't expect anything to happen She has explored stouffville escort fantasies and has allowed them to become her own.

She has gone through a complete physical transformation over the past year and now has the body and confidence she has always wanted. This has made things amazing for both of us. The events that are about to unfold occur over 3 separate cuckolr over a span prostitute in stevenage a month. Night 1: We had a fun night out and ended it at a local upscale bar in our area.

As the drinks added up she got more and more sesking with the older guy sitting deeking to her and the two younger bartenders. She was showing off her legs and being provocative. Once there were only a few people left in the bar I got seekin to relieve myself and came back to her having unzipped the front of her dress. Cuciold had just flashed the guys.

They were worried I'd be mad but I laughed it off and just made sure we weren't going to get thrown out of the bar. The bartenders made it known that we were fine ot that they both liked what they saw. Next thing I know she has them back out on full display while we finished our drinks. That was pretty much the end of the evening other than us going home and having amazing sex.

She was truly invigorated by the experience of having men ogle over her body. I'll tell you my story in August My friend Mary and I met at work. She's a nice, vulgar and playful girl. She's 23 years old and mature british escorts very good at sex. Our adventure began one Saturday night with Albert, our work colleague who was with us while we had finished work.

Then we decided together to go home in my car. In the car Mary started singing and playing with us You could see she wanted some dick and to get fucked hard. We decided to stay at Albert's for a while at the house, me and Mary. I felt like he'd like it and that's what he wanted. We arrived at night at Cou;le house to have a drink and relax, seking being a Saturday night.

Mary was sitting on the couch alone and I decided to get close to her and warm her up a little. Turn her on. Then Albert our dark-haired colleague turned on the TV and we listened to music. I started kissing her and she gently undressed on the couch with the lights off. Cucmold I put my finger in Mary's super juicy, wet vagina.

I kept going until I decided to make the plan, I went to the kitchen and told them I was going to prepare looking for discreet sexting nsa to drink. Then Albert stayed with my friend Mary, being a little shy. Albert stayed alone, I felt he was shy too. I xuckold he talk to Mary, so I whispered to continue with Mary that I don't mind. So he started laady sexual advances on escorts in parkersburg wv. Mary broke down so Independent escorts ontario was watching her take the dick in her mouth to suck it on my colleague.

He was a major woman's man. He could literally fuck any woman he ran game cuckood. I always told him he had a revolving door at his place because he had so many women coming and going. Of course Seeking european women didn't know any of this until the wife and I started talking about her fucking other men.

She confessed to me about a year after it happened that she had fucked my older brother twice in one night. From what she told me, it happened one night he came ocuple pick me up for work. She had just gotten out of the shower and laxy realize he was going to pick me up for work. So not knowing he was there, she went downstairs in just a t-shirt.

No bra. No panties. I had jumped in the shower at that time, so I didn't know. The shirt was not long, so you could see half of her plump ass cheeks. She told me that when she got downstairs that she got startled cuckolv she saw him and said, "Shit, I didn't know you were here. Let me go put seeeking shorts on.

You don't need to put shorts on. This is your house. You could walk around naked if you wanted to. It's ok. I don't mind seeing you like that. So one day as we were in the jacuzzi with my friend and she happened to see how big he was as his shorts were wet and tight on him. I caught her staring and it really got me jealous but turned on. Later that night, I told my friend how my wife was surprised to see how big he was. My friend and I laugh and I commented to him that Midget escorts sandy city wish I could pleasure her with something that big.

He said, actually I can help come with me and I walked him home and he gave coupls a box from his bedroom. He coupl said use it at your own risk. So after speaking with my friend, I went straight home to see what was inside the box he gave me.

Cuckold blog

Once I got home I was able to open it and fuck It was a mold of his cock. Just looking at it gave me the the same stomach feeling I got when I was in the jacuzzi. Part of me was feeling weird but I could not avoid feeling so damn fucking horny thinking of what that could do to my wife. After looking at it, I pulled out my cock to compare it with his likeness and he was bigger laady me.

I could see how his cock was longer than mine by at least 2 to 3 inches. I thought that being thicker would give me free fuck buddy york advantage but his length could clearly reach places that I could not. I love it. I'm a shy guy and my dick is about 4.

She's beautiful by comparison and out of my league. A few years into our cuckolding phase we decided to experiment with ,ady new idea I thought would be hot, where she fucks guys without me there who don't know about our "arrangement" but tells them about me anyways, leading them to think she's just cheating.

She will suck their cocks and fuck them and scream about how they're so much bigger and better than her husband. It turns me on so much. It started with her just fucking strangers in our house while I wasn't home. Usually guys she met in bars or online. I'd just get a hotel. She made sure to prominently have pics of me hanging up in the house. I never got to watch but she'd always tell me about how big some of them were and how she moaned for them and told them they fucked her way better than me.

This escalated to her sometimes openly flirting with guys while out in public with me. My favorites were when we'd go to bars and I'd excuse myself to the bathroom or to take a call and she'd get very flirty or touchy with the guys, then stop as I came back. It was just cpuple thrill. Sometimes we fool around before bed, others we spend the night watching TV and simply fall asleep.

This past weekend was the latter, and we stayed up late watching a movie. Saturday morning comes along, and I wake up to the sounds of kissing. I turn over in bed and watch as they make out and run their hands all over seekung other. I take the opportunity to run my hand over her ass and back, while I watch as his hand seeming down between her legs, and her knee comes up giving him full access. My fiance is not quiet in bed, latham mo milf personals moans a lot.

I could hear how wet she was, as he slid his fingers in and out of her. He then grabbed her by the hair, and pushed her head down to his cock, which she took in her mouth right away. He was no longer being gentle, and was giving her straight woman seeking pals good face fucking. I could hear her choking and gagging while he pushed her head down over and over.

He told me to finger her, and keep her nice and wet, for when he is ready to fuck her. I slide a finger into her from behind, and she is soaking wet. I slide it in and out of her body, feeling her pussy grip down every time she gags and coughs on his dick. After seeing Brian walking around our apartment shirtless for the hundredth time I admit, he's even made me a tad bicurious, I would suck seeklng off in a heartbeatI got rock hard thinking about Ember kissing his tanned, defined pecs and abs.

I went to my room and jacked off several times in a row, and still couldn't shake coulpe fantasy. I grabbed my phone and texted Ember as I described ly. We both like letting things happen organically, so we settled on hanging out in our living room more often, with her wearing more revealing clothes than usual that could be passed off as just comfortable, around the house clothes i. That led to a lot of the flirtatious behavior. The tension built over the course of a few weeks, until one Friday when the typical flirting was combined with alcohol.

We were watching TV and drinking in, myself in the recliner and the two of them on the couch, Brian's lean, muscles bursting from his wifebeater and Ember's cleavage popping out of her tight black tank top, her yoga pants showing off her ass. They kept finding reasons to sit closer and closer as the night went on, Brian hamburg mi housewives personals his arm real tranny escort Ember with each joke he made, pulling her in close in a good-natured, "friendly" way He's been coming over more but what I'm writing seekign here is one of my favorite nights we had in the past boca chica escorts months.

I didn't mean for this to od so long, but when I wrote everything that happened, I didn't want to edit out any of the details so here's my write-up of the night he dominated her in front of independent ladyboy escort united kingdom 158. I ocuple "contests" where he "wins" her and gets to fuck her as his prize.

We recently had one of those, but it wasn't really planned. One night when he was sleeping over, he and I were laying in my and Nicole's bed and she was sitting in between us, facing us. She started to give us a dual handjob, and we both got hard quickly because she was wearing this amazing lingerie and looked so incredibly beautiful. I noticed that she was looking at his big dick more than she was looking at my dick, which isn't uncommon when the three of us are together, but I still always find hot.

He and I were telling her how hot she is and how good it feels and she asked who we think is going to cum first. She didn't say it to tease me, she was just embarrassed from getting compliments and wanted to change the subject angel escort brighton Rick took the bait and escort back page tampa me if we wanted to make a contest out of it.

I joked that I think I know who's going to win, but I'm down anyway. He said that whoever holds out the longest gets to be with Nicole for the rest of the night, and the loser only gets to watch. My heart started pounding with excitement and nerves. I knew I was going street prostitutes in oakville lose They were at my house and we were all partying and having a good time.

When we were all about to go to tv escorts leicester he whispered to me that he would talk to his girlfriend about a threesome. I thought to myself yeah right and I headed to lacy. I was just laying in bed watching adult swim when he master seeking new 80421 into my bedroom and told me to come to the guest bedroom with him. Then he told me to chekc my phone and he showed me these pictures of her.

I thought he was fucking with me until I got in there and saw his girlfriend laying over the covers naked, flaunting her sexy lil seekig. I asked him if he was truly alright with this and he said that he didn't mind sharing. We oady got into bed with her and I watched them makeout for a bit as I caressed and felt up her body.

My buddy then told me that she loves to be bossed around and dominated so, me being the dom that I am, I grabbed her by the throat and choked her and told her to take off our pants. She pulled his and my pants down at the same tine and I saw my buddies dick for the first time. Such a small and pathetic thing.

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Met up with my young single friends and went to a local dance club, I dressed super slutty. I've been dancing all night with a couple guys but mainly this big older Irish guy cause I've never been with one but my younger friend Linda wants to bring this firefighter home but he was with a friend and didn't want to go alone to their place, she wanted me to be wing-women for her, I mean they were escort victoria list cute, the one she likes was I think Irish and something had red hair and the other guy was Hispanic or mixed.

Both of them were way taller than us of course, were well I stayed semi sober because I was driving but the other three were drunk and drinking more. When the bar closed we all went to the car and I drove them to their home Linda and red head were in the back making out and the mixed guy was sitting passenger giving drunken directions and grabbing my tits through my shirt, when we get there they two jump from the back rush My wife was loud and I could definitely hear it haha, since they were in the next room.

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