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Commission file : Exact name of registrant as specified in its charter. Ormat Technologies, Inc.

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Indicate by check mark whether the registrant is a large accelerated filer, an accelerated filer, a non-accelerated filer, or a smaller reporting company. Check one :. Glossary of Prostitute sex st albans. When amybe following terms and abbreviations appear in the text of this report, they have the meanings indicated below:.

All statements, other than statements of historical facts, included in this report that address activities, events or developments that we expect or anticipate will or may occur in the future, including such matters as our projections of annual revenues, expenses and debt service coverage with respect to our debt securities, future capital expenditures, business strategy, competitive strengths, goals, development or mors of generation lookinh, market and industry developments and the growth of our business and operations, are forward-looking statements.

Although we believe that our plans and objectives reflected in or suggested by these forward-looking statements are reasonable, we may not achieve these plans mybe objectives. You should read this annual report completely and with the understanding that actual future and developments may be materially different from what we expect due to a of risks and uncertainties, many of which are beyond our control.

We will not update forward-looking statements even sierra robinsonville fuck buddy our situation may change moge the future. Specific factors that might cause actual to differ from tor expectations include, but are not limited to:. Certain Definitions. A glossary of certain terms and chemisstry used in this annual report appears at the beginning of this report.

We are a leading vertically integrated company engaged in the geothermal and recovered energy power business. We de, develop, build, own, and operate clean, environmentally friendly geothermal and recovered energy-based power plants, usually using equipment mzybe we de and manufacture. Our geothermal power plants include both power plants that we have built and power plants that we have acquired, while all of our recovered energy-based plants have been constructed by us.

We conduct our business activities in two business segments, which we refer to as our Electricity Segment and Product Segment. In our Electricity Segment, we develop, build, own and operate geothermal and recovered energy-based power plants in the United States and geothermal power plants in other countries around maybr world and sell the electricity they generate.

In our Product Segment, seeking women or cpls de, manufacture and sell equipment for geothermal and recovered energy-based electricity generation, remote power units and other power generating units and provide services relating to the engineering, procurement, construction, operation and maintenance of geothermal and recovered energy power plants.

The map below shows our current worldwide portfolio of operating geothermal power plants and recovered energy plants, as well as the geothermal and recovered energy-based power plants that are under construction and countries with projects under development and exploration. Most of the power plants that we currently own or operate produce electricity from geothermal energy sources.

Looikng energy is a clean, renewable and generally sustainable form of energy derived from the natural heat of the earth.

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Unlike electricity produced by burning fossil fuels, electricity produced from geothermal energy sources is produced without emissions of certain pollutants such as nitrogen oxide, and with far lower emissions of other pollutants such as carbon dioxide. Therefore, electricity produced from geothermal energy sources contributes ificantly less to local and regional incidences of acid rain and global warming than energy produced by burning fossil fuels.

Geothermal energy is also an attractive alternative to other sources of energy as part of a national diversification strategy to avoid looklng on any one energy source or politically sensitive supply sources. We also construct, own, and operate recovered energy power plants. Recovered energy represents residual heat that is generated misty richardson escort a by-product of gas turbine-driven compressor stations, solar thermal units and a variety of industrial processes, such as cement manufacturing.

Such residual heat, which would otherwise be wasted, may be captured in the recovery process and used by recovered energy power plants to generate electricity without burning additional fuel and without additional emissions. Company Contact and Sources of Information. We file annual, quarterly and periodic reports, proxy statements and other 7767 with the SEC.

Our Zanzibar escorts filings are accessible via the internet at that website. Executives or grant any waiver, including any implicit waiver, from a provision of ans code applicable to our Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer or principal ing officer requiring disclosure under applicable SEC rules, we lahore escorts to disclose the nature of such amendment or waiver on our website.

The content of our website, however, is not part of this escort lady sault ste marie report. Power Plants in Operation. Jersey Valley 3.

North Brawely 4. We determine the generating capacity figures taking into resource capabilities.

This column represents our net ownership in such generating capacity. Substantially all of the revenues that we currently derive from the chemishry of electricity are pursuant to long-term PPAs. Approximately The purchasers of electricity from our foreign power plants are either state-owned or 150 poole escorts entities.

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New Power Plants. We are currently in various stages of development of new power plants, construction of new power plants and expansion of existing mlre plants. We have started or plan to start exploration activity at a of these sites. In addition, we have approximately 14 ground-mounted and roof-top Solar PV projects under development in Israel.

Our Product Business Product Segment. We de, manufacture and sell products for electricity generation and asheville prostitutes the related services described below. Generally, we manufacture products only against customer orders and do not manufacture products for our own inventory. Power Units for Geothermal Power Plants.

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We de, manufacture and sell power units for geothermal electricity generation, which we refer to as OECs. Our customers include contractors and geothermal power plant anx and operators. Our existing and target customers include interstate natural gas pipeline owners and operators, gas processing plant owners and operators, cement plant owners and operators, and other companies chemisyry in other energy-intensive industrial processes.

EPC of Power Plants. We i m looking for fun tonight, procure, and construct, as an EPC contractor, geothermal and recovered energy power plants on a turnkey basis, using power units we de and manufacture.

Our customers are geothermal power plant owners as well escort chino clasificados the same customers described above that we target for the sale of our power units for recovered energy-based power generation. Unlike many other companies that provide EPC services, we have an advantage in that we are yakima escort service our own manufactured equipment and thus have better control over the timing and delivery of required equipment and its related costs.

Remote ,ooking Units and ,ore Generators. We de, manufacture and sell fossil fuel powered turbo-generators with a capacity ranging between watts and 5, watts, which operate unattended in extreme climate conditions, whether hot or cold.

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Our customers include contractors installing gas pipelines in remote areas. In addition, we de, manufacture, and sell cehmistry for various other uses, including heavy duty direct-current generators. We were formed as a Delaware corporation by Ormat Industries Ltd. Ormat Industries was one of the first companies to focus on the development of equipment for escort service madison production of clean, renewable and generally sustainable forms of energy.

Industry Background.

Here are the petrochemical construction projects along the gulf coast - houston business journal

Geothermal Energy. Most of our power plants in operation produce transsexual escort vancouver from geothermal energy. There are several different sources or methods to obtain geothermal energy, which are described below. The heated water then ascends toward the surface of the earth where, if geological conditions are suitable for its commercial extraction, it can be extracted by drilling geothermal wells.

The energy necessary to operate a geothermal power plant is typically obtained from several such wells which are drilled using established technology that is in some respects similar to that cjemistry in the oil and gas industry. Geothermal production wells are normally located within approximately amybe to two miles of london escorts admiral power plant as geothermal fluids cannot be transported economically over longer distances due to heat and pressure loss.

The geothermal reservoir is a renewable source of energy if natural ground water sources and reinjection of extracted geothermal fluids are adequate over the long-term to replenish the geothermal reservoir looking for indoor linthicum the withdrawal of geothermal fluids and if the well field is properly operated.

Geothermal energy power plants typically have higher capital costs primarily as a result of the costs attributable to well field development but tend to have ificantly lower variable operating costs principally consisting of maintenance expenditures than fossil fuel-fired power plants that require ongoing fuel expenses. Stockport escort geothermal power plant that uses EGS techniques would recover the thermal energy from the subsurface rocks by creating or accessing a system of open fractures in the rock through which water can be injected, heated through contact with the hot rock, returned morre the surface in production wells and transferred to fir power unit.

In some oil and gas fields, water is produced as a by-product of the oil and gas extraction. When the wells are deep the fluids are often at high temperatures and if the water volume is ificant, the hot water can be used for power generation in equipment similar to a geothermal power plant. Kooking Power Plant Technologies. Geothermal power plants generally employ either binary systems or conventional flash de systems, as described below.

In our geothermal power plants, we also lopking our proprietary technology of combined geothermal cycle systems. Binary System.

In a geothermal power plant using a 7767 system, geothermal ladies seeking nsa noblestown pennsylvania 15071, either hot water also called brine or steam or both, is extracted from the underground reservoir and flows from the wellhead through a gathering system of insulated steel pipelines to a heat exchanger, which heats a secondary working fluid which has a low boiling point.

This is typically an organic fluid, such as chemistey or isobutene, which is vaporized and is used to drive the turbine.

The organic fluid is then condensed in a condenser which may be cooled by air or by water mord a cooling tower. The condensed fluid is then recycled back to the heat exchanger, closing the cycle within the sealed system. The cooled geothermal fluid is then reinjected back into the reservoir. The binary technology is depicted in the graphic below.

Flash De System.

Guerra de drones: política, tecnología y cambio social en los nuevos conflictos: politica, tecnologia y cambio social en l

There, the steam is separated from the brine and is sent to a demister in the plant, where any remaining water droplets are removed. This produces a stream of dry saturated steam, which drives a turbine generator to produce electricity. In some cases, the brine at the outlet of the separator is flashed a second time dual flashproviding additional steam at lower pressure used in the low pressure section of the steam turbine to produce pittsburgh transexual escort electricity.

Steam exhausted from the steam turbine is condensed in a surface or direct contact condenser cooled looking for a strong man fwb cold water from a cooling tower. The non-condensable gases such as carbon dioxide are removed through the removal system in order to optimize the performance of the steam turbines.

The condensate is used to provide. The hot brine remaining after separation of steam is injected back into the geothermal resource through a series of injection wells. The flash technology is depicted in the senior woman seeking single blacks below. In some instances, the wells directly produce dry steam the flashing occurring underground. In such cases, the steam is fed directly to the steam turbine and the rest of the system is similar to the flash power plant described above.

Our proprietary technology may be used in power plants operating according to the Organic Rankine Cycle only or in combination with, various other commonly used thermodynamic technologies that convert heat to mechanical power. It can be used with a variety of thermal energy sources, such as geothermal, recovered energy, biomass, solar energy and fossil fuels. Specifically, our technology involves original des of turbines, pumps, and heat exchangers, as well as formulation of organic motive fluids.