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Contents london doll escort Part B, click on the links below to go to each article or scroll down. Not content training on the big hills and Glasshouse Mountains over here, Iain and Russell James had to track down a "real" volcano to try and climb as well as a couple of different half marathons along the way just for modesl.

Now pay attention please, questions will be asked. NZ is a really tiny place compared to OZ - even the arrow in the picture is nearly wollongong prostitute numbers big as the north island. Mt Taranaki is a semi active volcano which last erupted inbut experts reckon it's gone off 8 times in the last years. By contrast, these same experts reckon rockhampton escorts Glasshouse Mountains were formed by a volcano tens of millions of years ago and haven't done anything really exciting since.

Iain and Russell ed forces to compete in a novel event where a team of two each run a half marathon in relay, with the result decided by combining both times.

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Aptly named the Mountains female escorts durham the Surf it starts at enveid perimeter of the Egmont National Park and finishes at the beach at another national park. This run featured a novel start with a double barrelled shotty duly discharged to send runners on their way. A case of "On your mark, get set, duck!

The l had a good run with Iain powering through his half in 1 hour 21 minutes and 3 seconds. Russell might have started out a little quickly but still finished in a creditable 1 hour and 35 minutes. In fact, at the change over Russell took off and after just finishing his very hard half, Iain found it hard to catch him to tag! These times gave the Caboolture Road Runners team a combined marathon time under three hours and 12th place among other teams. Russell bolts female escorts in riverside Iain winds down at the changeover in the Mountain to Surf marathon relay.

Two weeks later Iain entered another event which must be the envy of many Caboolture Road Runners members, most particularly Greg Henzell. It's called the "Martinborough Round the Vines" run.

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Get the picture? A meandering trot through nine vineyards, where aid stations have water, and both red and white on offer.

Pakistani escort girls bolton the map below for an idea of the temptation along the way. The concept for this run modfls obviously very popular with over 2, runners in local hotties warren michigan variety of events.

Iain had an excellent result, no doubt partly attributable to the adrenalin rush at the start when no call up or warning sex buddy turku given. Iain hadn't finished stripping off his track suit and without so much as a "Righto, get goin. Not distracted by the wine stops, Iain finished well, around 1 hour 20 minutes for an official placing of 6th overall.

However, we notice on the website that there were problems with placings, and in the 10 k event some runners actually took a wrong turn and ran an extra kilometre! Sounds like the organisers might have been testing the drink stops as well. With ennvied this training behind them, the final assault was made on Mt Taranaki but although fit, our intrepid band were beaten by the intense cold as they got higher and higher, finally having to turn back before reaching the summit.

Sounds like a conquest of Mt Everest doesn't it? There might not have been as much snow on enviied as this picture shows, but even at this time of year it gets mighty cold up there so another attempt is planned next trip. All in all a successful trip in a wonderful place, with some cheap mature johnson city escorts runs thrown in along the way. What more could you ask cabolture in a holiday?

Back to contents. The response to our last quiz was cabooolture under whelming. We are still modelx the post box and the inside extremities of several large canvas mail sacks looking for an entry, any entry, just one.

In fact, we can't even remember the last quiz question. This edition we escort services shanghai decided a new approach, we'll give you the answer first and you provide the question. So here it is:- Derek Clayton. First correct, neatest entry wins absolutely nothing. Remember the article about old gear in the last edition, where we asked you for your dwarf escort kingswood Well, we got none - not a sausage, nothing.

There was one anonymous correspondent who observed that I was a cheap bd any way, and could probably afford to buy a new singlet after ennvied this time, but that doesn't count. As with our quiz we have decided to take a completely new and innovative approach to this segment, confident in the knowledge that some lateral thinking will interest and enthuse readers to contribute and participate warmly in a spirit of overwhelming cooperation and esprit de corps.

Ah, caboopture cares? Any run reports, stories, anecdotes, bon mots, events, old recipes, quiet musings, repartee, soapbox rants, photos, editorials, suggestions, in-depth expos's, asides, outings, FAQs, for sale, stomach pumps, chat, web sites, health reports, food, home surgery tips, training, spare gear or pet stories welcome.

Editor desperate for new copy, just or telephone - and you don't have to write it yourself if you haven't the time or don't want to. Just let us know what you want to read, give us a few ideas and we'll do our best to make a complete mess masterpiece tooting broadway escorts your brilliant idea. As for the correspondent who suggested what we could do with our old gear, really sir, is that physically possible?

Neither stray dogs, sabotage nor strong head winds were enough to deter fifteen runners and walkers from participating in race 1 of the inaugural Caboolture Road Runners escorts in waterloo iowa kilometre handicap run on Sunday, 6 April. This being their first outing modrls the Club and not knowing how strongly they run, we couldn't take moodels chances they might sweep all before them.

They finally found envjed and as it turned out Jeff got his own back by treading on someone's shoe and ripping it off mid race. Modeos finished really strongly on this tough course - no quarter given or asked! Welcome to you both.

Double century: teen belts way to legendary score | queensland times

Iain used his local knowledge to advantage by suggesting the course be run clockwise, which means most of the first five kilometres is uphill. Don't know if he conspired on the weather too, but the uphill run was compounded by strong head winds along the main road, despite otherwise fine sunny conditions. Iain put in an honest serious run finishing in with Mark Parsonson second overall in Russell James pushed Steve Hayes all the way but Steve did just enough to take third.

Perhaps those runners who were escort bow road little circumspect and throttled down over the last few k's will be in a better position to clean up the point score on the next run. But any such advantage will be short new loughborough elite escort though, and the Bribie run promises some real fun with watches banned, and everyone keen to see how the handicaps shake out.

Models envied caboolture

The stray modeks Not really strays but some fairly hungry hairy types, on the corner near the school, that south webster oh housewives personals willing until given a gob full of back chat by passing runners and Steve B threatening to bite 'em back. Glen won the random draw prize this time out and we hope to continue this aspect of the series a prize that is, not Glen winning with an approach to local businesses for support.

Minimum points were awarded to all runners based on the of starters, with bonus points to those with Caboolture Road Runners gear. As the committee is to consider the matter of more gear next meeting, those members who have ordered gear but don't yet have it will get the timmins ladyboy escorts next start. Next run is at Bribie Island on May 11, turn left immediately off the bridge and drive north along the passage 1.

Models envied caboolture

Watch caboolturs for the Kamikaze Pee Wee! Thanks to all members who supported the run and if you have any suggestions to make dirty cincinnati escorts better please let us know. Iain's idea of a "hare and hounds" start for the July run based on handicaps sounds great! Some members may not realise that the Caboolture Road Runners web site is now at a different address.

It's no longer www. When you get to the site, bookmark it or add engied to your favourites. It's updated about once every week with some of the stories that make it into huddersfield persian escorts newsletter. We know that not everyone has access to the net, or do but don't want to go pasty white and anti-social while surfing all day and night, so we'll always make the newsletter available in hard copy.

If you can get to the net though you'll get the latest information long before the newsletter goes out.

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Here are some interesting escort services in utah you might like to have a look at next time you are on-line. It has four sections including running, walking, biking and climbing. You pick the sport you most enjoy or are interested in, or you can change from one to the other.

Full of training tips, gear and links, it shows the relationship between different sports and is a real antidote to boredom with your current preferred fitness regime. Rock climbing looks like a real rush and something we'll have to try.

The software is pretty good, with graphs and reports of actual runs and a system for developing training programs. Unfortunately the programming is a little flaky at times and you get a few run time errors and just plain weird outcomes. But cabpolture are only minor, and ruidoso escorts site has a whole bunch of other stuff for tech he like us, including body mass index, heart rate zones and AT threshold science or art?

We have played with this stuff, just like a kid in a lolly marrickville rose escort, for the past month - can't run any faster but you should see the pretty colours and graphs we've drawn. Next edition we'll give you some sites where you can new canberra latina escorts shoes and other gear.

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Stay tuned. New member Jeff Smith eats the profits while no ones looking escort anal gosport any wonder turnover was down. Now what do I do? Steve looks puzzled. Steve's got the hang of it now, "This is easy, how do you like them onions! Thanks to our major sponsor Caboolture Sports Club.

Thanks to Dreamsport Photography.

Somerset Trail - modfls view? - devil's ? Quiz - another one? Old Gear - who cares? Contributions - your turn? Web Stuff ts north charleston escort there's more? An excellent effort. Russell bolts and Iain winds down at the changeover in the Mountain to Surf marathon relay Two weeks later Iain entered another event which must be the envy of many Caboolture Road Runners members, most particularly Greg Henzell.

Back to contents The Quiz The response to our last quiz was completely under whelming.