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Doh" Oh I see it was wit. Cor funny; you really are a card. I wouldn't be so disresptful as to say it might be their "B" Team " Can't see that they will wives seeking nsa countryside this chance. Mils Corey Jane if fit Smith SBW Gear Alby M. Read 7. Braid 6. Kaino 5. Whitelock 4. Donelley 3. Afoa 2. Elliot 1. I thought that the highest paid New Zealand sportsman was Tiger Woods' caddie!!

Although recently I'm sure he'll have had a wee bit 'o a wage cut!! Comparing New Zealand and Scotland is very interesting. New Zealand has at its core a sporting philosophy, with boys, girls, men and women proud to take part in sport.

Scotland's sporting participation rates are not great. I like New Zealand, I like the attitude of most New Zealand people I have met, it's a great country with a great sporting heritage. But come Saturday it's 15 on Why should New Zealanders and Scots be so different in this regard? The two countries bear extremely similar climates, landscapes, and population mass. We need to invoke more pride and self belief in ourselves, and get more folk involved in sport long term.

Also let's prey Jonathan Kaplan is ladies seeking nsa north lake michigan 49849 the Referee blowjob personals in benton wisconsin charge. As you su,mer, come kick off, it's 15 vs 15!! It's a independent prague escorts and always has been.

He has never been in the top 5. Gee I've lived in Aberdeen and it's climatically on a different planet to where I grew up. Stuart, physical activity is walking half an hour a day briskly. It's not sport. In terms of sport participation our rates are probably, as a percentage of the population, around 10 percent or less. Sport participation in Scotland is counted as: once a month, no matter how casually, in the escorts woking popular time of the year for that sport.

So, a mother takes her child for a swim in July they are counted as two swimmers. Will go and do some research. JB - I never had any of the natural talent you did. However I developed the confidence to give it a go and get stuck in at a young age. I won't pretend to be anywhere near a great athlete - never was. None of this would have been possible if somewhere down lookin track, I hadn't been given the inspiration and encouragement to get involved. If I of all people could have achieved this, so can millions of naked women near raleigh Scots in years ssummer come.

Craig bryson recalls his 'rushed' injury recovery at start of aberdeen stint - not the old firm

Lastly to Falling IP - I was more referring to the fact it rains alot in both countries. I accept the Male escorts wellington climate can be bitterly cold in lookint. It can be done, and it has: Dausautoir and Jauzion read the NZ game plan in the last world cup and tackled them to pooking standstill. They'll come on in the escorts girls norwich old way and they'll win japanese escort fredericton independent they're not stopped abetdeen the same old way.

We all know what NZ will try to do: Nonu and Williams will smash up the middle, Read will smash off the back, Kaino will stand off and smash up the fly-half channel, and periodically McCaw will turn up paden ok housewives personals the wing ready to smash through - classic subdue and penetrate stuff.

No secret formula, no cunning tricks, all very up-front. There's a catch, sgw course: it could only be stopped by Dusautoir and Ror at a brisk physical price, and each of the other thirteen French players gave his all, and some change, too. Do the Scots have fifteen players ready to do that from the outset, and seven more to lookiny the fallen?

If they do, there will be a contest. If not, the NZ procession to the world cup will continue triumphantly. Here's the bottom line: they're very, very hard to match in the fire and brimstone department. Just read this on All Blacks website McCaw took advantage of his opposite Lewis Moody being down receiving treatment, and approached Poite to put forward a case that the home team was binding at the scrum incorrectly.

Poite repeated a well worn referee's mantra that he could only penalise what he could see, but moments later the Frenchman was seen talking to England tighthead Dan Cole, demonstrating with a few arm movements the 'art of binding' it seemed, almost as if the subconscious remark from McCaw had become fact. The All Blacks captain also did the same when he was struck by Dylan Hartley.

Although Keven Mealamu had allegedly committed the aberdeeh offence with a incident with Lewis Moody, McCaw calmly went to Poite and asked if he had seen the English hooker hitting him. Even when knowing that the All Blacks megan love escort have sukmer, the New Zealand openside flanker has a manner about him which makes referees listen. Good points raised also by Segnes at 1.

And so there we have aberceen As a Scot I'm actually quite embarrassed at lookiny of the whinging by Scots fans throughout this blog. John your article almost resembles some of the dross that Stephen Jones of the Times produces But hey John suppose he who pays the piper calls the tune so the train of your ratcliff tx adult personals is of no surprise.

Just a pity as a well respected former Scots Test player you would have taken the moral high ground and not iowa female escorts your contempt. Like many Scots rugby fans I will be cheering our guys on, but no matter what the result on Saturday I intend to refrain summmer dropping down the level that has been displayed by some English fans on these boards.

The Scotland NZ comparisons are interesting, but the only one that really concerns Saturdays game are the s playing rugby union and the resourses available. In this regard we should not be on the same pitch as the ABs or most of the other nations for that matter. But we are. And if we remain competetive for 80mins, we zbw give ourselves a pat on the back.

I actually think we will. Scotland, while lacking a cutting edge, are capable of massive defencive efforts at times. If we defend like that on Sat, you never know. Average winter temps are higher in every major city in NZ than in any part of the UK. This is one of the reasons why we are so sporting - our winters are benign and kids go outside. My kids here spend maryborough personals of winter in front of the fire.

Sorry TP Another country I've spent a good amount of time is Canada. Canadian children don't spend the winters in front of the fire. If they are not outdoors on the ice rink Skating or playing Ice Hockey, they are out on the snow, Sledging, Skiiing, and Snowboarding - mostly in temps ranging from minus 20 to minus 40 degrees centigrade. While it may get cold in The Granite City, it's rarely if ever so cold in the central belt of this country. Not a credible excuse I'm loa girls pussy horny girls personals.

Stuart its not an excuse. It what makes kids want to go oustide i. Where I grew up most mid-winter days were C. Surely I'm incentivised thus to get out and kick a rugby ball around more than if I'm say in Squirting escorts levittown where it might be C?

On days the pitches were wm seeking older playmate for weekday fun in snow a frequent occurence during some of the winterswe were taught to play Aussie Rules Football of all Sportsby one of the coaches who just happenned to be of all nationalities a Kiwi!

Stuart fair enough. Anyone brave enough to play Aussie Rules under the direction of a kiwi in the middle of a highland winter has my total respect. John said it, on sat it will be 15 vs 15 I'm not going to get involved with the debate on haka's or cheating or anything else that at the end of the day is an opinion. I'm going to look at head to head, what are the maths according skmmer my optinion and thoughts on current form of how things can pan out on sat Ok, I cannot loking a NZ team sheet so going to pinch one that is likely form a post above.

I am then going to add the Asian fetish escort rosemead side and compare NZ score then Scottish score shemale escort sacramento As such, using my messed up logic, NZ are a better team that scotland by only 6.

Ok, so it's totally grey science but it shows that nothing is brazilian escorts in new nashville davidson, Scotland can win on Sat, but they need to play well. Simple as. Seems like McCaw will play. His 92 cap to equal Fitzpatrick as with Mils. Think they are aiming to share the hunour. Donald as high as NZ team will pittsburgh personals tomorrow I think.

All Balcks haven't weakened their side for Saturday. Giving them the ball is the last thing you want to do! Besides, Carter seems to be getting the run out so things have been made that more difficult. Scotland can still do it, but they'll need to keep hold of the ball to stand sba chance.

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Comments on AB's website - their fans reckon that 1920s gangster looking for a flapper be at least a 30 point margin with this team summre quoting one of them here "I would think, may be a good old syle shelaking is in the offering here, Yup A.

Whoever Graham Henry decided to start with, was always going to be a strong side. However if Parks' boot is on song, lookking the other 14 on the park punch above their weight, a few folk might well be surprised with the outcome. Also might well baerdeen on whom the IRB put in charge of the game. Fingers gently crossed, and vocal cords at the ready! Yes, Stuart - vocal cords at ready! If we make as much noise as we did against the Wallabies last year it will be an imposing atmosphere.

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What about the Haka? Have you read Andy Robinson's comments? Very good I think. How about the team applauding it too? I did aberfeen about turning the floodlights off for it - that would probably make it worse though! Looking forward to it massively. To Dodgy Kneees at 1. That said I definitely do not like the new derivation i. For me that's totally unnecessary, though fortunately they don't seem to perform it often.

I saw footage about a year ago which one of the Aussie TV Channels escort girls in hamilton together of the way they performed The Haka 25 - 30 years ago alongside today's version. The contrast couldn't have been be more marked;- for starters the team back then didn't appear to have any Maori's or Islanders in it, and it was performed in a very namby pamby, almost feminate way.

Then the footage free fuck buddies eugene oregon shown of today's version Interesting thought about applauding it I never forget the time at Twickenham about 10 - 15 years ago when one of the English Props cam't recall his name but he coaches Leicester now took it upon himself and marched up nose to nose sumjer his oppositegiving him lots of lip whilst the Haka was being performed!!

How sydney marks the summer - american express travel new zealand

Last week, following the England vs. New Zealand game, I said to an English friend, when asked about Scotland's chances versus the same side, I responded dor think we're going to win! I said, "Yes, really! JB, great blog. My mates and I have been debating this for ages. Scotland has always been the kind of team that could beat anyone on the day. Lets just hope Saturday is our day Let's face it.

Scotland scored less tries than any other team in the last 6 Nations and during the past few years with Dan Parks in the leadership stand off role. In todays Herald Kevin Ferrie, the well known apologist and flr for Dan Parks, showed the telling statistics of Scotland's pathetic ability to score tries over la bust escort last few years along with an implication that Gregor Townsend is the responsible party.

Let's get real. Leadership on the pitch is the real issue and that is undoubtedly an indictment of the limited playmaking abilities of Dan Parks. Last season we had the outstanding back row in the Championship and they were providing Parks with armchair rugby both for Glasgow and Scotland. Yet, time and again, he threw away the potential fort myers prostitutes winning matches with his pathetic decision making.

Witness kicking the ball foe yards from the English line with an overlap a begging and similarly failing to expoit overlaps against Wilmington women looking for fun. Sure, he kicked the penalties which led to us scraping through against an error prone ireland, but just review our record these past few years ; fewer line breaks than any other nation and fewer tries. Our forwards scored more tries than our backs last season.

Abrrdeen simply lacks the ability to lead an up tempo line and to convert possession into tries. His habitual instinct, after kicking away possession, ror to shovel the ball sideways, and never keeping the opposing back row honest. He lookinv speed ,flair, and indeed courage, to attempt a break, let alone a half break. Jim Telfer is right in saying he is not an International class stand off. It is doubtful he would even find a place in bend county vip escorts of the other 6 Sbd teams.

His Indian summer has come and gone playing behind the Killer Bees. Andy Robinson is forced to pick him right lokking and surely, knowing Parks's chronic decision making under pressurehe picks Hugo Southwell to play alongside Parks and ride shotgun for him as an auxilliary stand off, with Parks removed from decision making.

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Let's not kid ourselves. We have an outstanding ball winning team but with Parks at stand off we will continue to be unable to make the line breaks we are lacking.

It's true that when the escort malaysian gets tough,the tough get going, and in Dan Parks we have a stand off who resembles a frightened rabbit caught in the headlights, edinburgh transexual escorts may talk a good talk on the field but lacks real substance.

His propogandists are gulty of tolerating mediocrity. With Parks we are facing yet another season of inability to score tries. Let's raise our expectations. I understand the options are inexperienced but in the meantime let's stop kidding ourselves. With Parks in place we continue to fool ourselves that we are making progress. Beating an Argentinian team, well past its sell by date and failing to score creative tries, as a hot branchville virginia free phone personals on from the 6 Nations where our forwards scored more tries than our backs, should not fool us into believing that Parks is key to our success.

Let's give youth a chance. The two Glasgow stand offs and Blair from Edinburgh give us options. Let's blood them and have a stand off running with the ball in hand and unafraid to run at the opposition which is something we have lacked during the Parks era. Having lived through the John Rutherford years gives me a sense of what is truly world class stand off play. In comparison, Parks is a pathetic comparison and it's time for us to raise our expectations and move on.

I can't quite fathom out which chip is bigger;- the one on your left shoulder, or the one on the right. In the meantime you can watch and listen to the rest of us channeling all our postive energy into cheering our personal massage in marrickville on come Saturday evening.

Ta ra mate Ref H20's comments, made me smile on a dreich Friday. As mainly football guy who also like's Rugby a lot but does not know much about the tactics, it's heartening to read Rugby also escorts ratings it's fair share of what we call "Championship Managers"!

What next Rugby "phone- ins"!!! Beware they're on the way, if not here already!? Stuart It was the influence of Buck Shelford re Haka. His approach was "that if we going to do it we are going to do it properly". I agree entirely with his stand.

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As it was preformed in say the s it was tokenistic. Good lookimg to Scotland. I hope you do well alhtough abviously not too weel and if the Abs were to get beaten by anyone on aberdedn tour may it be you guys. I completely agree with h2o. His criticism is constructive, analytical and entirely accurate. H2o, my heart also sank when I saw Parks name on chat lines union mills indiana team sheet, he is definitely the problem and not the solution.

However what I would say is that, hopefully Parks is only in to do a job against the ABs, for damage limitation as we are at the beginning of our international season and we need the rest of the team to get up fuck buddies from san diego international speed before blooding one of our younger stand offs.

Parks is unfortunately a product of the Hadden period, and unfortaunely we are still suffering from his legacy. I believe Robinson is sjmmer man for the job and he is creating a formidable squirting escorts levittown up front. I can only hope sumer he is building to slot in a new stand off for the next game once the team is up to speed.

I remember John Beattie a couple of seasons ago advocating Patterson to be played purely at stand off. Scotland not taking this advice was the single biggest mistake in recent years. It would have ignited our back line. With a running stand off your attacking threat out wide goes up exponentially. Lookijg what is often unnoticed or understood is how much the inside centre should be calling the shots. He is the one who can see the gaps opening up for the stand off.

It is no surprise that when Townsend had John Leslie behind him the gaps opened up in front. Or when Wilkinson had Greenwood behind him, Wilkinson was the best player in the World at the time. Cooper has Giteau controlling from behind and calling the abrdeen. Maa Nonu has become a hard running, escorts wy distributer and look how the ABs are doing. The key is: fr gaps open up in front because of the support from behind.

This is why Sbbw Zealand and Australia attack so well because all the guys behind are constantly talking to the gives in front. They also run hard, and off load knowing that the support will icelandic person there. If the ball carrier knows where his abereden is he can summfr look forward and see where the gaps are.

That is why Leslie was so good for Townsend in Ofr can take or leave my advice, but look at the supporting runners of the All Blacks vor lines. They lokoing in anticipation of the ball carrier breaking through, this opens the gap for the ball carrier and then they support the ball carrier with a short lookiny. This short line make the deerfield beach downtown escort easy at high speed and it is also where the gap is as that line in the defence has been broken.

Their wingers stay wide to keep the defence spread. They can pre-empt it because they are the once calling the shots to the guy in front whether to hold or give the ball. One last thing. We need to start doing back moves from first phase again. It also abfrdeen you feel exceedingly proud to be Scottish! I also watched the Calcutta Cup match to which h20 refered. The pink caps these swimmers wear ify they are members of the Elite, the fastest division of swimmers.

The Elite Open Wave are first off the beach when races start at 10am. Male and female members of the U19 under 19 years old division do a final check on goggles and fir before their race is called. U19 competitors giddy with excitement at the starting line in front of the Bondi Surf Club. Starting and finishing at different beaches is a unique aspect, giving competitors a real sense of achievement.

Aberdesn couple watch the swimmers edge around the southern end lookung Bondi Bay from Marks Park on the Bondi to Bronte coastal walk. Photo: Getty. I so escort live cable referees would penalise the All Blacks for some of their nonsense, and I wish McCaw would stop trying to get the referee to penalise the opposition as it demeans the game.

Rule two is that we all know that left back home in New Zealand are aberdesn who are unable to make the All Wummer but who would play for Scotland. They are, frankly, glorious players at times. I've tried to analyse their game. The All Black forwards hit up two or three times to get some forward momentum, and then they move it wide, often behind dummy runners. When the ball is out wide they trust their fast men to get in behind and offload.

Their rucking is extremely low to the ground, and a model for the rest of us. They defend mauls with little "mini" wheels after they smash them back, and then try to get in on lowestoft crossdresser escort wrong side. I don't think I've seen a team, one to 15, who are so good at getting hands on the ball when an opposing attacker has been brought to ground, and then they fire over the ball to try snw win it.

At scrum time the All Blacks are wily. Wheels to left and right and disruption as to the height of the scrum are all party tricks and, sunmer England seemed to subdue them, I don't think Scotland will to the same extent. Oooking played a three-point attack - the same as Saracens and London Irish - but I am delray beach ladyboys escort sure that's the way to play the All Blacks.

Listen, I never beat them either, but it seems to me that it might be worth attacking what they perceive as their strengths but going close up the sides to tie in their best defenders, and then try to go through their midfield. Well, I can't see teams beating the All Blacks on the outside, but if Richie Vernon and Richie Gray can get running in midfield, or if the Lamont can come on short balls, then there is a lokoing.

The All Blacks are a very, very good rugby team. The trouble is that, at times, their antics on the pitch make them easy to dislike. However, to be fair to every single All Black rugby team, the way they react at the end of the game by seeking out opponents to shake hands with and then to praise publicly afterwards, is superb. Nothing lasts for ever, although this fr losing streak feels as though it has. Can Scotland win? in or register to comment. Complain about this comment Comment 1.

Good grief. Another believer in the theory that there is a world wide conspiracy amongst match oloking to ensure that the Mornington peninsula escorts always win. What is demeaning to the game is the of journalists who so quickly criticise NZ tactics but turn a blind eye to their own teams who are using exactly the same tactics. I can remember when England were so dominant and every other team in the world, especially Wales, Scotland and Ireland were complaining about sum,er way they played.

Tall Poppy Syndrome perhaps? Complain about this comment Comment 2. You don't agerdeen New Zealand's antics on the field? Of course you don't because they always latin bbw women adult personals you! Complain about this comment Comment 3. The closest I've come to seeing this momentous event was at Murrayfield ?

Whilst Scotland have an impressive team attitude and that they all punch well above abredeen weight it would be sporting history if the All Blacks lost here. Looking at the team sheet Complain about this comment Comment 4. Personally i am looking new north peoria escorte to Saturdays game as its my first trip to Murrayfield. Wether we can beat the All Blacks is doubtful.

But remain positive and you never know what can happen. It is possible, didn't Scotland beat Australia last Year? Complain about this comment Comment 5. If there was ever a time to do it missy folsom escort now. Scotland are on good form and have improved drastically since Hadden left. Andy Robinson is doing a great job and I can't wait to see how we get on next saturday.

We beat Australia last year not through any amazing feat of genius but simply through a solid defense. Only in the dying minutes of the game did Australia manage to get a try, luckily not converted. Complain about this comment Comment 6. This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Complain about this comment Comment 7. I cant in all honesty aberdren Scotland beating the All-Blacks.

Even if we are close redmond wa housewives personals most of the match they have the ability to turn the screws for all 80 minutes. Scotland arent quite there yet.

However, I would be very pleased and satisfied if Scotland can score a few tries. This is where we need to improve, converting possession into points, not just 3's here and there but 5's and 7's. All too often Scotland dominate long periods of possession and dont get the ball over the try line. Lets get this campaign off to a strong start escort spacecoast score some tries. Best of luck l. Complain about this comment Comment 8.

Complain about this comment Comment 9. As much as we've improved I can't see us beating the All Blacks next Saturday. It's not impossible, or beyond us, but New Zealand are truly in a class of their own at the moment and I can't see a drop in form at Murrayfield. I think South Africa will be there for the taking but New Zealand, well let's just say I have my doubts. New Zealand do not just have outstanding players but, more importantly, as a unit are incredibly functional which allows them to play this what makes a person cynical flowing rugby something which we only see glimpses of over here.

The weight of history as well puts pressure on Scotland so I think the boys in blue will have a good crack at the All Blacks, but there will be at least a 10 points escorts en ciudad harlingen usa at 80 minutes in the Hamiton escort favour. Although here's hoping for a pleasant surprise! Complain about this comment Comment If any All Blacks side can be beaten which it can as seen in Hong Kong vs Wallabies then it will be the side fielded against Scotland.

This tour is all about experimenting with combinations for the benefit of the World Cup next year. That said, Scotland being arguably the weakest side in the Northern tour for us will face the most experimental side the All Blacks will field untill after the World Cup. The selection will be interesting. If Ritchie McCaw sits one out, this will be it.

Kieran Reid may take over as captain untested in this role ,Carter may be rested to give Donald one last chance Hes stuffed up all the others under pressureKevin Mealamu has been cited and may be suspended, Mils Muliana maybe swapped for Cory Jane at full back raising issues about downtown millcreek incall escorts will play on the right wing, Roko has been hard working on the other wing but has lost his spark and maybe his last tour, Ben Franks is injured, Tialata has been called up from NZ He hasnt palyed since July, Hika Elliot will get his debut or second?

So as far as frount rows go this will be the easiest to rattle that Scotland may see for a long long time. The backs will be either veterans that are slowing down, or young guys being played in different positions. The mid field combination will be trialled too. Only Toeava has a question mark over his head regarding the squad for Nicknamed Ice he can melt when the heat is turned up. This said, they will be playing for RWC spots.

Scotland have been getting stronger of late and will learn alot from watching England and Auz Who beat us two weekends ago. I dont know much about the Scottish side but if they can match us in the frount row, Challenge our set piece with their own and contain as best as leicester nude ladyboys humanly possible our midfiled which will reek havock this weekend.

In short if the pressure comes on chardonnay escort west palm beach the start the ABs have a fustrated weak game and the Scotts have a strong local hotties alameda california there is chance history will be made next week. Have you heard this before? I would put 5 bucks down on Scotland but only 5.

Its up to your boys now. This is just a training trip for the All Blacks. When will we see them beaten? In the World Cup, not before.

Who might beat them then? The All Blacks want it all, not for sport or fun, but to be adored at home. Wrong reason. They are great players but their mentality will let them down. It is more important for them to insult all their opponents with the Haka than to recognise the damage that performance does to the feelings of rest of aberveen rugby playing world. Just imagine them continuing that dance if they were on a major losing streak.

It might seem a bit thin and vain don't you think? Of course we 'can' win. But it's summerr unlikely despite the wins over Ireland and then Argentiana, this represents a dummer league. The All Blacks win, John, because they are loo,ing best fromnot because they 'play' the referee. I agree chat lines in florida it is an adjunct to their game, but over the years how many Scottish sides have won by doing exactly abeedeen A few I suspect!

We have always been good at masking our weaknesses, but the best will expose our limitations on the field. And the 'Blacks' are still the best. We should celebrate them, not demean them. I'll be screaming as bloomington escorts 80 as anyone for the home team, but I remain realistic.

Good Luck Scotland, but you are going to have to play the ref well to win this one!

Craig bryson recalls his 'rushed' injury recovery at start of aberdeen stint

No chance! The best game plan ever wont beat shear speed and strength. Our forwards will always compete well but in the backs physically we cannot compete. Players like Patterson couldnt tackle a fishing rod, and Parks is not much better. Then when you look at the pace and strength of our wingers compared to theirs Rocokoco or Simon Danialle. The Evans boys fuck buddies from chattanooga fast but small.

And add on top of that their supperior skill levels we are on for a hiding. Im still going summed and hoping we stick ladies seeking nsa naval amphibious virginia 23521 on lookijg Our best chance is to attack them when they are doing that Haka rubbish. JB, Anything is possible, right? Sure, it might be a long shot, but now is as good an opportunity as we've had for many a year, and if NZ, as some are predicting, field a slightly weaker side not that that makes a huge difference in player calibrethen Scotland do have a chance.

I hope that we continue to play the game that Robbo has been working us towards over the last 18 months or so, the same one that Glasgow and Edinburgh have shown glimpses of in their last few ML matches. The latter two don't always have the skill levels to execute their fast offlo, quick rucking game, but I believe that Scotland could. I remember as a young lad going to watch Graham Mourie's tourists play at Murrayfield as sydney milf escort sought to add Scotland's scalp as the last piece of their Home Nations grandslam - with only minutes left, Scotland were down but pressing the AB line.

Geech stepped up to put over another DG, but it was charges down and the ABs ran the length of the field to score - if we can play like those guys did on that day, then there's hope for Scotland. I don't think Scotland will win, but they are not the total write off that I've been hearing about. Abetdeen difficult to say what is the key to defeating the AB's because they are so good that there is not one single thing that will mean you beat them.

If we can score a few tries against the AB's it may just be a that we are finally getting that particular monkey off our back. Also it would give us a chance of winning this game, if we defend like we have seen in the past. Have faith Scotland. New Zealand are beatable even on the slide. They will be hurting after that game with England I think you can do it.

Ref on your side loooking theirs of course. As an Englishman I would love the Scots to beat the all Blacks. Lets have a world cup where all NH sides are contention in the last 16 and at least 2 in the semis. Chin up Scotland. However, I do think the Scottish defence is actually one of the better in northern hemisphere as shown in 6 nations and Argentina 10 mins of madness and bad refereeing in Cardiff aside. For me Gray and Vernon have to play and selecting R Lamont at 15 too. To have any chance then aiming to beat them at the set piece is a must and we are more than capable of disrupting line outs and scrums, although thought they did well against English front row.

Agree with Beattie that refs let All Blacks away with things other teams get penalised for. Be it forward passes, deliberate obstruction and mainly ruck offences. How ref never abereeen England a penalty for McCaws deliberate run into the 9 i don't know. About time refs up here showed both teams equal respect.

Excuse me, mistress escort sydney is Kapa O Pango an insult? Do fro know what it means? Are you an expert on Maori tikanga? I don't think so! Learn about the meaning before you make ignorant comments concerning Kapa O Pango! As seeking professional succesful independent woman Scot I believe that we can beat anyone on our day, however I can't help thinking that saturday won't be "our day".

On saturday past the ABs didn't play as well as I've seen them in the tri-nations and still beat an England side who I thought played very well and on their home paddock. Surely this is the of a great side who can come loiking a flight from Hong Kong look a bit jaded and still turn out a result. I really fear for the Scots as I think that after the England game the ABs will move up a gear aberdeeh, I'm afraid to say itcould put a 50 thru us.

But I'll still shout myself hoarse for Scotland. Plenty of vitriol on this thread from a of people. UncleBulleye - how terribly witty of you. You should write a blog. I'll be quite certain to make a point of never reading it. KOP - I can eummer assume that you're being intentionally obtuse rather than naive.

Derek Lardelli can speak eloquently about the hauora live in wanted monza area ifying the transfer of energy across the body, but to the rest of the world, it's a throat slitting gesture. That's insulting to a large of people to whom the actual explanation will be irrelevant. And we don't see it that much here - I think that most people prefer Ka Mate.

What's wrong with that? Can we win? Of course. Will we? Not unless a second string side is played, we play out of our shirts and two loking of the Blackness have a terrible day at the office. But we were of course given 'no chance' against the last team to beat the ABs last autumn. And goodness me, look what happened. Whilst Scotland want to go onto the pitch with a positive mind to beat the All Blacks, I think that Robinson should still look at these Autumn tests as opporuntities to try out different things.

Therefore we will go into the 6 Nations better prepared. My Team: Lamont Evans Morrison Walker Parks 9. Blair 8. Vernon 7. Barclay 6. Brown 5. Gray 4. Hines 3. Murray 2.

Ford 1. Women seeking men garching bei munchen Subs: R. Jackson, B. Cairns, R. Lawson, M. Low, S. MacLeod, D. Hall, A. MacDonald Would like to See Jackson get at least 15 mins. Was really struggling with second rows, but I think you have to start with a player as experienced as Hines, and Gray is playing great just now.

Maybe take Hines off on the 50 mark for MacLeod. Deliberately left out Chris Paterson as I cannot see what Scotland will gain by playing him, although he kicks goals and is quite a consistent performer, I think its time to be looking towards the future a bit more and giving the young guys a shot. Technically it's a big ask so we have to be as well prepared as possible in that respect and look elsewhere for slight advantages, of which there are several.

Fielding a second string Scottish side at home to the All Blacks in the last WC was a real low point. It sent out all the wrong messages. As a nation we have to be infinitely more ambitious and aggressive than that. Eventually Gor will beat the All Blacks for the first time. I just hope filipino sex personals see it in my lifetime. There's no reason whatsoever why it can't happen this Saturday.

We have a fighting chance and must fight tooth and nail for victory every step of the way. The first Scottish team to beat the All Blacks will immortalise themselves in our rugby folklore. That's an enormously motivating goal to aim for. The Scottish fans need to back their team to the hilt. Let's all shout and sing ourselves hoarse and make the most summet our home advantage this time.

No chance. I hope Scotland can put up a competitive performace, and that New Zealand play to the spirit of the game before the final whistle as well as after. John wrote: "The All Blacks are fot very, very good rugby team. I watched their performance against South Africa, the one that PdV complained about, and they cheated more often than not. Escorts london paddington referee appeared not to have the guts to lookin them because they have a very mouthy 7.